Legion: In the name of FASHUNZ!

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There are many things I am excited about in Legion (even if it is cautious excitement), but the announcement that made me jump for joy was undoubtedly the large, sweeping and ridiculously awesome changes to transmogrification. That’s right, it’s all about the FASHUNZ!

Legion has plans to revamp transmog in a way that will make it easier to use, more accessible to alts, do away with bag space issues….and the real icing on the cake, access items you may have deleted or completed quests for in the past.

This is huge.


Account-Wide Awesomeness

Making the wardrobe account-wide comes with SO many benefits. This may sound a little strange but it really opens up choices for my main. Whenever I contemplate switching mains from my priest or druid to another class, there’s a nagging sense at the back of my mind about all the rare and cool items I’ve collected on them over the years that I will not have access to. Do I really want to give up my awesome Alanna’s Embrace transmog? Or my Chan’s Imperial Robes?


Alanna’s Embrace

No, I really don’t. I am fickle and I like looking good. With the new system, I won’t have to worry about any of that when I switch mains to try out something new.

Bank Space

Well… any space really. I have issues with all of them at the moment – bank, bags, void storage – you name it. The new system looks like it will fix it all. And thank the stars.



Old Items

This one alone has me in shivers of excitement. This means….this means… that the options for outfits are endless! OH THE POSSIBILITIES. I also have a good number of items I got during my BC questing days before the advent of transmogrification and foolishly didn’t bother keeping. The very first thing on my list is my Gnome Racer Outfit:



Off the top of my head I can think of other items I wish I’d kept … like Kurkenstocks (head meets desk) and Robes of the Dragonslayer. Getting access to all of these just puts this huge grin on my face. And did I mention….. oh mah sprockets, the POSSIBILITIES!! *head duly explodes*

As always, FOR FASHUNZ!

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