Bad Luck

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My terrible luck in the last three weeks has nothing to do with WoW and everything to do with real life not letting me work. And that drives me up the wall. As I write this post, my left hand is chilling in a sling and my right is figuring out the most efficient way to type. How did I end up here?


It started about two weeks ago when I found I couldn’t do my regular practice as usual. I had alarming stuff like being light headed, consistently tired etc. Ofcourse, I was freaking out wondering what the heck was wrong with me. To make matters worse, I had a skiing injury on my head and I wondered if it was worse than it felt or what. All our theories of low blood sugar, sleep deprivation were constantly disproved since my dizzy spells prevailed. My sanity is pretty strongly tied to playing piano so at the end of the week I’d got a crazy look in my eye. I was at my wits end and was ready to call the doc. And then, a slip of paper from the apartment management company slid under my door.

It went something like, “Dear Residents, We’ve had reports of a gas leak in the building for little over a week. Pleased to report that it was a small leak. The bad news is that it was pumped through the vents into apartments the entire time. It is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.” NO KIDDING.

Turns out that gas causes dizzy spells, nausea, trouble sleeping etc. And primarily working from home got me a good amount of it. The good news is that I did feel better in the coming week. And with all my energy, was ready get back into some serious practice.

I was feeling so good infact (hey who thought not being dizzy felt this great) that I went right ahead and overextended a muscle during piano practice. And that brings us to now, with my arm in a sling mostly to force me to rest it. I am kind of laughing about the whole thing, while kicking myself ofcourse. It’s funny in a kind of facepalming way to me.

On the bright side I’m enjoying my time in WoW and my raids so that’s always nice. I know that in my last post there was something that I didn’t enjoy and I wasn’t sure what. Well, turned to be pugging – whod’ve thunk. Now though, it’s mostly the same consistent group and I am having blast getting back into the groove of things. Maybe I’ll even get back to doing some healing vids! 🙂


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