My Fickle Self in Draenor


The last time I wrote, I was still contemplating playing Warlords of Draenor. Here’s an update to that story! 🙂




I got it and I levelled my priest to 100 (taking my own sweet time ofcourse – I think I took three weeks total) and I had a blast.  I loved the questing journey, exploring garrisons and generally figuring stuff out. Once I hit level cap, the experience changed however. There was lots to do at my garrison but little much else to get me out into the world.

I was actively avoiding raiding, including LFR, and found myself with precious little to do apart from farming my mining and herbing nodes, and levelling up my followers. Why run heroics for gear? I don’t need it if I’m not raiding. Why bother levelling up the barn? I’m not worried about my ilevel if I’m not raiding. Even the legendary quest felt less pressing to do. I did enjoy doing the garrison campaign but it wasn’t enough to give me something to do everyday. And I felt like I needed some kind of structure or incentive or a direction at level cap.

The more I played, the more I felt that raiding (regardless of difficulty and mode) was one of the central level cap experiences – and the other activities were just side dishes. Fine, maybe that’s the intent. So I decided to give it a shot. I got my feet wet in LFR and even joined a guild that is somewhere between doing normal and heroics. (That’s another story for later – but I do have thoughts on the new flexible raiding system. Lots of thoughts.)

That brings us to now. I don’t know if I like it anymore. And the best part is I’m not sure what I’m not sure I don’t like.

In all honesty, I am the most confused head-desking blogger right now. Is it raiding? Maybe. Is it Discipline? Possibly. Perhaps healing has finally gotten boring after 8 years? Oh, could be.

There is something painfully hilarious about me and my fickle nature this expansion. Last night I was thinking to myself “oh I should’ve levelled a mage and raided on her instead! I’ve done priest healing for so long, it’s about time for a change.” Last week, I missed my druid and thought “oh I should’ve levelled my druid – been so long since I raided as a druid. DRUIDS FOR LYFE!” And the week before that I went “Omg should’ve levelled a shaman. Haven’t mained a shaman yet! That would’ve been awesome.” Egads. For the love of the Light, Cenarius and Azeroth – can I just pick one!

And that’s kinda where I’m at…. just twiddling my thumbs, going hmmm and trying to figure it all out. In the meantime, I am celebrating 6.1 purely for the fact that I will no longer lose heirlooms to unchecked mail and my gnomes will have finally won the battle against insomnia!

Happy Patch day!



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