An Early Present….Sort of…


Yesterday, Blizzard had a little surprise waiting for me in my account. As part of a promotion (from what I could gather by googling), they offered me 10 days of free game time to try out Draenor. Yep, the new expansion – I was shocked. Ofcourse, I cannot actually get to level 91 – it caps out when it is short of 1 xp – but hey, free is free and I thought it was great I could try out Draenor since I was on the fence about buying it. Starry eyed and full of gnome powa, I took the plunge.

It was fun to be a gnome again, and I generally enjoyed the questing experience. They do a great job introducing the bad guys – I personally liked the little name tags they gave them because really, just too many orcs to keep track of at this point. The music is simply amazing by the way, so if you haven’t yet turned it on, I highly recommend it. I think they really outdid themselves there. Ofcourse, I haven’t got beyond early Shadowmoon Valley thanks to the cap – but I did get to build my garrison and got a peek at how it works.

So why I have I not bought it yet? Well much of that has to do with me and not so much the expansion. Life for me has changed a lot. Raiding feels like it was a lifetime ago, and I honestly don’t know how I managed to spend so much time doing it. It is impossible now. Heck, even the flexible size ones seem like a time commitment I may not be able to handle. I have concerts and travel and visits and a billion other things to keep me busy. And so, I’m asking some very different questions  this time around.

Is there enough to do at level 100 without raiding for me? (And I’m talking really no raiding – not even LFR because that will just drive me up the wall) Do I enjoy any of the classes anymore? Can I really play WoW without raiding? I’m honestly not sure yet. I’ve played plenty of other games without endgame but WoW has always been about raiding for me. If I can enjoy Draenor without raiding that would be great. The last thing I want is to be sucked back into raiding because I really really like where I am right now. Lots of piano, great pieces and lots to do.

I welcome your opinions and experiences with Draenor so far – and if you think it has enough content to keep a non-raider busy for a bit. I realise ofcourse that all experiences are different and ultimately I need to figure out what works for me – but I could use the help! 🙂


8 thoughts on “An Early Present….Sort of…

  1. I think there is certainly a lot to keep you going. Garrisons are certainly more fun than I expected (and I beta tested). You can also get decent gear from them as Mr Harpy has his minions out trying to farm him item level 645 boots whilst he’s at work. For comparison purposes the first LFR will award item level 640 gear. Despite having been 100 for a while I haven’t completed all the quests nor the extra objectives in most of the zones. There are lots of pets/trinkets available from rares, hidden boxes etc so wandering around is both enjoyable and rewarding. Ashran apart from the tendency towards faction imbalance (although that seems a lot better now) is fun if you enjoyed old school pvp as well.

    • That’s good to hear. I couldn’t tell how the Garrisons would play out just with the short glimpse I had. I’ve always liked the idea of minions do my work for me – loved it in SWTOR so I imagine I would like it here.

  2. Well, I think only the Mythic raiding will be “fixed” at 20-man – everything else is adjusted according to the number of players.
    So…you have the option to “drop in” and “drop out” for everything below Mythic. You don’t even have to stay for the whole thing – kill a boss or two and leave if you want.

    It was probably done this way in WoD because let’s face it – the WoW population is a lot older than they were in “Vanilla” and have more real life commitments so flex-type raiding is going to be the end game for a lot of people. The different raid levels will let you pick and choose how much or how little you want to do.

    Other than raiding, WoD has a lot of “new” stuff to do – only you can decide if anything in it would be fun enough to purchase the expansion 😀

    • That’s an interesting point about the flexible raid sizes – currently my drop-in-drop-out activity is in the Final Fantasy XIV Fate system and it’s awesome so far. I log on for 15 minutes, run to a closeby Fate, pew pew and have a bit of fun and log right off. I’m guessing the flexible raids would need premade groups too? Although there is the premade group finder ingame now – not sure how well it works though.

  3. I don’t really have much to say on the matter of Draenor just yet (Just resubbed after 1.5 years away and I haven’t even bought the expansion yet) but I plan on playing the game on a strictly casual level like yourself (no raiding). I’ve always found that the game has something to offer up and I guess with all the new changes they’ve made it even easier than ever to do things like level new toons and just fool around. I also wanted to drop in and say “Hi” after being away for so long, it sounds like your happy doing what you’re doing and I’m glad you’re pursuing your music as passionately as you are.


    • Omg hi! Nice to hear from you Sixty! 🙂 I’ll be checking out professions later this week – in the past, I enjoyed those when not raiding. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the direction they’ve taken so I guess I’ll just have to see for myself.

  4. I don’t raid, ever. I had a bad experience with it when I first started playing and its made me never want to raid again. Plus, I really don’t have the patience to sit through people raging out over things. My highest level toon right now is 92, and I’m finding that there is plenty to do. I didn’t come into this expansion with high expectations at all, so I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The garrison missions keep you busy, but there are a ton of quests to do as well. I imagine that once I hit 100, I’ll just work on achievements and professions (I’m an achievement whore, no shame).

    • It’s promising to hear that there is plenty to do. I haven’t really seen much of how professions are fleshed out just yet but holy sprockets that Garrison is addictive! I could do it all day.
      It’s shaping up to be achievements, mount hunting and alting for me thus far which is fine – I’ve already rolled new characters haha. Army of the gnomes maybe! 🙂

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