Up in the Air


Wow, has it really been five months since I last wrote? Time for an update!

It’s been an interesting first half of 2014 for me. I had to deal with three deaths in the span of three months, had a nasty experience with a sexist asshole at the same time (see post below), and work shifted into high gear. Work (as in piano) is the thing that kept me going through it all. While I was going through all that shit, I was and still am playing really well. I have performance requests, students and a project to record the Beethoven sonatas. Things are amazing right now.

With piano being my top priority, I have less time to spend on my gaming hobby which has led me to be more critical of the games I play. If I spend my time playing a game, I want to be damn sure that it is fun – and that’s where my re-evaluation of WoW happened. My last six months of WoW have been more stressful and less rewarding than my full-time job. And, that’s just not going to fly.

With the exception of heroic bosses, there was nothing much keeping me in the game. Siege has now been out for about as long as Dragon Soul if not longer, and I’m so glad I’m not raiding. Even if there was new content currently being added, I’m not sure I’m sold on going through more drama just to raid or meeting the latest flavour of nasty. Without the raids, there isn’t much for me here. I’ve long given up on an immersive story, pet battles were something I did off and on, and I think I’ve collected most of the mounts I’ve cared for (heck, I’ve seen Rivendare drop twice now). Small wonder then, that when my sub came up for renewal, I decided to decline.

I’m currently spending my time playing other games – trying out different genres – and I’ve just been having fun again. It really has been a while!

The one thing that’s making this a dilemma rather than a decision is my love for blogging. I truly love blogging about the games I play and the blogging community is nothing short of amazing. If it weren’t for the fine folks here, I probably would’ve given up a long time ago. The community and the blog helped me stick it through the raging raid leaders, the PvP jerks and most recently the assholes of the sexist kind. Thank you 🙂

It really is all up in the air. Warlords is on the horizon but for the first time, I’m not really jumping in my seat with excitement. I haven’t pre-ordered it either (another first) – I will just wait and see. The only plan I do have is to continue my break (it seems to be the right time for it anyways with the lull) and see where I end up.

For now, I’m having a blast with other games and I am glad my hobby is fun again! I leave you with this awesome picture.




4 thoughts on “Up in the Air

  1. Glad everything is now working out for you, after everything which has happened you definitely deserve it.

    I haven’t pre ordered Warlords yet either and I barely log into the game whilst my husband has let his subscription lapse entirely. Will we play, probably because I’m currently beta testing and enjoying it but in the meantime, I’d argue that if you want to write and remain a part of the community, it doesn’t have to be about WoW. Most people seem to play multiple games or blog about other things which matter to them.

    • Thanks Erinys! Expanding the scope of the blog is a great idea – so far I have kept it strictly WoW-related but perhaps its time to include the other games.

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