Gnome Powa!


My warcraft life is currently a constant dilemma. I raid as a blood elf, but in my heart I am a gnome. And at every opportunity I get, I nudge my raid team with a “hey wouldn’t it be great if we were all gnomes?!”

When I woke up this morning, the gnome in me was particularly strong. And I was reminded of a machinima I’d seen way back, where the power of gnomes were unleashed on Azeroth. Can this be real please 😛



7 thoughts on “Gnome Powa!

    • My favourite part is where they label Mekkatorque a traitor to gnomes. So true. Kinda similar to how the goblins don’t really like Gallywix!

      Oh and my other favourite part is when she pwns Varian. He had it coming.

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