Healing Perspectives: Thok


This is the one fight where the big baddie we fight actually seems both to me – big and bad. If there was one fight I saved my all caps “OH MAH GAWD” moments for, this would be it. Just saying – having a ridiculously huge dinosaur come charging at you is a legit… and I mean legit reason to panic.

Not that I panicked. Not once. Nope. Ok… maybe twice. No, really.


This big dinosaur oscillates between two phases: Phase 1 where we stack up and heal, and phase 2 where he runs around chasing folks.

For the purposes of keeping it simple from a healer’s view, the fight generally oscillates between Phase 1 and Phase 2. The neat thing about both phases is that the raid gets to decide when to transition him into the next phase.

Phase 1:

This is when Thok can be tanked and the raid stacks up. Thok casts Deafening Screech which interrupts casters and does raid-wide damage . This is cast with increasing frequency  and does more damage as the phase goes on. Whenever raid members fall below 50% health they get a debuff (Bloodied), and if 5 raid members fall below that threshold and are within 5 yards of each other, Thok will automatically transition to the chase phase.

The goal of this phase is to keep the raid above the threshold and prolong the phase as long as possible without letting the raid die.

Avoid being in front of Thok AT ALL TIMES: This refers to my initial moments of dino panic where I got eaten – don’t let it happen if you can help it.

Stack and heal: Ideally, the entire raid group should be stacked up to take advantage of AoE heals.

Cycle AoE cooldowns: The goal here to prolong the phase for as long as possible. As the stacks get high, it is important to have a predetermined order of cooldowns to keep the raid up. At some point, Deafening Screech will be cast so often that casting AoE heals will be virtually impossible. That’s a good time to use cooldowns which grant immunity against the silence.

Discipline priest tips:

– Use Spirit Shell early:  I start out the fight with 5 stacks of Archangel and putting up Spirit Shell. As the phase goes on, PoH will become less feasible so using Spirit Shell for the early Deafening Screeches works great.

Keep Barrier early in the cooldown rotation:  Barrier does not grant immunity against Thok’s annoying silence so it’s best used earlier on in the rotation while cooldowns such as Devotion Aura can be more useful towards the end.

Keep Inner Focus towards the end: I usually just macro Inner Focus and forget about it on most fights, but for this one its very useful to hang on to Inner Focus and pop it towards the end when stacks get crazy and casting is virtually impossible. Inner Focus grants immunity against silences and is awesome for one final AoE burst at the end to keep the raid up.

Bubble them all in the end: Instant casts are your friend here and in very Wrath-era type behaviour, the most effective use of this to bubble folks as much as possible. This makes Divine Insight a wonderful talent. Keep instants like Divine Star and PoM bouncing around for extra heals.

Phase 2: The Chase

Run away from Thok when fixated: And this seriously means RUN. Use movement speed boosts to put as much as distance as possible between you and the big dino. He will kill you when he reaches you.

Steer him away from the group: When running away, make sure your path does not go through the raid group. Thok still retains his chomp ability and will eat up anyone who is caught in front of him.

Stack with Tank and kill prisoner: This is where you should be if you’re not being fixated. Stay AWAY from the center to leave kiters’ paths clear or you will get eaten.

In order to transition Thok back to Phase 1, a prisoner must be freed. When he is freed, Thok eats him up and gains an ability specific to the prisoner he chomped. So gruesome, I know.

Thus the order in which you’ll deal with these abilties depends on the prisoner order your raid chooses.


Waterspeaker Gorai:  Frost

Break Ice Tombs: Thok gains two frost abilities from the Waterspeaker. Both frost abilities, Icy Blood and Freezing Breath, apply an undispellable DoT on players. When this DoT reaches 5 stacks, players turn into a icicle and must be broken free asap.

Akolik: Poison

Dispel Corrosive Blood: This is a poison debuff that Thok puts on random players. It is a dispellable DoT that stacks. It goes out fairly frequently, making constant dispelling at its first application somewhat difficult. Prioritise dispelling folks with higher stacks and use Mass Dispel at the beginning of the phase to clear the raid of it before Deafening Screech takes place.

Warmaster Montak: Fire

Stay out of fire: Thok gains the Burning Blood ability here which damages random raid members and leaves fiery ruin in their spot. Stay out of fire!

And that’s pretty much it for dealing with this dino. The most annoying part of this fight is the RNG aspect of who he fixates on in Phase 2. Many times, he would fixate on the same person twice in a row – and even worse, he seemed to have a thing for healers.

Talents: Divine Insight, Divine Star, Mindbender or Solace.

Punch this dino good! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Thok

    • Lol.

      Guess what happened to me the first time we killed this guy. Yep – om nom nom – in the first two minutes no less. I marched right into him, and it’s on video too >.<

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