Healing Perspectives: General Nazgrim

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General Nazgrim is another of those familiar figures appearing in Siege of Orgrimmar. He was a cool quest-giver and a loyal orc in my book so he gets praises for that. And he is probably the only “honourable” boss in this raid instance. His decision to stick to Garrosh was disappointing but his choice lessens my reluctance to kill him. It was a choice and he chose to follow a tyrant – now he reaps what he sows.

General Nazgrim is a warrior, so he bounces between the three warrior stances: Battle Stance, Beserker Stance and Defensive Stance. He has a rage bar and uses special rage abilities in addition to his usual ones – therefore it is one of the raid’s goals to keep his rage as low as possible. He also summons Korkron reinforcements to aid him throughout the fight and these different types of adds must be dealt with.

The general raid strategy involves balancing his stances and his rage bar and dealing with the adds.

The fight is fairly simple from a healing perspective and for clarity, I’ve divided the strat between dealing with Nazgrim and adds. In general the raid will be spread out for the entire fight.


Heal through Bonecracker: This is a bleed ability that Nazgrim puts on a random player and must be healed through. While the damage is not earth-shattering, it does constant ticking damage of 40k to the player and reduces maximum health by 10%. Keep an eye out for players with this and prioritise heals accordingly.

Heal through Heroic Shockwave: Nazgrim leaps at a random player and does a shockwave to the player in a 10 yard radius. The damage is significant – about 300k physical damage – so keep people topped up and have heals on the move ready if this ability hits near you.

Stay out of Shockwave fire lines: After Heroic Shockwave hits, dust forms on the impact location which gives rise to fire lines. After the shockwave hits, Nazgrim unleashes Aftershock with lights up the lines dealing 400k damage to those standing in it. It is very important to move out of the fire since being caught in it also gives Nazgrim additional rage.

Queue a short cooldown for War Song: This is an ability that does inflicts damage to raid members equivalent to 50% of their maximum health. Note that this is physical damage and cannot be mitigated by cooldowns like Devotion Aura. Having Spirit Shell  for this ability is a fantastic counter and keeps your raid in better shape going in to deal with adds.

Avoid the spinning axe: This is something like the big brother of Ingvar’s axe from Utgarde Keep. Remember? Way back? Nazgrim does something similar with Ravager where a spinning axe is summoned and moves around the room inflicting high damage to anyone within 6 yards of it. It also grants Nazgrim extra rage for any player who takes damage which is another reason avoiding it is the best bet.

– Do not damage the boss in Defensive Stance: This is incredibly to note for us Discipline priests since we can often hit Solace to him without meaning to.  It is imperative that Nazgrim not to be dpsed during this stance since he takes reduced damage and gains additional rage every time he is attacked by any raid member excepting the tanks. Since the goal is to keep his rage low, ignore him entirely for this portion of the fight.

Kill the Kor’kron Banner: Nazgrim will occasionally put down a Kor’kron Banner that increases the amount of rage he gains. Bring this down as soon as possible – and it’s also a great way for us priests to keep up Twist of Fate since it counts towards damaging a target below 35% health.


Dispel Magistrike: This is a damaging ability that is the arcane version of Flamestrike that the Arcweavers do. In addition to initial damage, it also leaves a DoT on players who are affected that must be dispelled. Mass dispel is a gift from the Light for this.

Face Kor’kron Assassins: When Kor’kron assassins emerge, they put a mark on the targeted player. If you are marked by an assassin, be sure to constantly face the assassin and kite him around as the rest of the raid kills him. Showing your back to a rogue is always a bad idea and in this case, will mean death.


Since the raid is spread out the entire fight, Cascade is an invaluable healing tool to reach far off players. Twist of Fate is a great talent for this fight since keeping it up is fairly easy by helping damage adds and bringing down the banner.


Tier 16 gloves – Gauntlets of the Cursed Conqueror

Feet – Sandals of Two Little Bees

Trinket – Nazgrim’s Burnished Insignia (oh mah gawd, I want)

Happy healing 🙂

One thought on “Healing Perspectives: General Nazgrim

  1. “After the shockwave hits, Nazgrim unleashes Aftershock with lights up the lines dealing 400k damage to those standing in it. It is very important to move out of the fire since being caught in it also gives Nazgrim additional rage.”

    Additional note: don’t worry if it was Prinnie who stood in it, because she’ll be daeeed.

    Also, the War Shamans have GOT to be kept way away from Nazgrim, because their healing totems ARE AMAZING AND UNFAIR.

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