Healing Perspectives: Fallen Protectors


I admit that when I did the Golden Lotus dailies way back, I didn’t enjoy them very much simply because of the daily overdose. But I still liked the quest-givers, and I felt sad when I saw that they had become part of the raid. It was pure horror for me when I looked up to see their names and…. recognised them.

Sun Tenderheart, Rook Stonetoe and He Softfoot – rest in peace.


Each of the protectors have separate health pools in this encounter. And yet, they need to be dealt with at the same time. The flow of the fight is somewhat as follows: at 66% health and 33% health, they gain Desperate Measure which grant them additional abilities for the raid to handle; ideally, the raid will want to bring them down to 66% one after another and then to 33% in the same way before finally equalising damage on all of them towards the end.

A key part of this fight is to kill them within 10 seconds of each other.  If the raid fails in killing them within 10 seconds of each other, the protector at zero health will cast Bond of the Golden Lotus and heal themselves up. Bad idea.

Rook Stonetoe

Normal phase:

Avoid Corrupted keg:  Rook targets a player with this ability and throws a corrupted keg at them. A little green circle will form at the player’s location that must be stepped out of. This ability is easily avoidable. If folks get hit by this,  they will get an undispellable debuff that slows movement speed.

Spread out 5 yards: It’s a good idea to have everyone spread out since abilities like Corrupted Keg deal damage not only to the targeted player, but also players within 5 yards. Easily avoidable by staying spread out.

Avoid Corruption Kick: This is an ability that looks very much like Spinning Crane Kick. Rook will root himself when he does this so use movement speed boosts to run out of this as quickly as possible.

Desperate Measures:

Kill adds: This the big part of Rook’s desperate measures where he summons three adds: Sorrow, Gloom and Misery. The adds need to be interrupted and killed off as quickly as possible as they do a lot of damage and can disrupt the raid easily.

Stack for Inferno Strike: This is an ability from the Misery add that does high damage and must be shared with the raid. It is marked by the player having an arrow over their head and a yellow circle surrounding them (very similar to Static Shock in Lei Shen). Group up quickly before this ability hits.

Interrupt Corruption Shock: This is an ability from the Gloom add which hurls lightning at several locations and damages the raid. It is interruptible and must be done so whenever possible.

Sun Tenderheart (not tanked)

Normal Phase:

Heal through Sha Sear: This is Sun’s usual ability where she targets a member with this ability. It cannot be avoided and must be healed through.

Dispel Shadow Word: Bane: Is the damage form of renewing mists where it migrates to the other players on dealing damage. Sun targets two players with this debuff and it must be dispelled at 3 stacks to prevent it travelling to other players. Mass dispel is really handy to deal with both targets at once. if you do miss a dispel, note that it is usually not worth dispelling someone with just one stack of Bane on them due to the next ability on Sun’s list.

Heal through Calamity:  This is a high damage ability that takes 30% of a players health instantly and must be healed through. Note that this ability also removes Bane from any targets, so if you did miss a dispel at 3 stacks and have players with the debuff at one or two stacks, it is probably best to just heal through and wait for Calamity to remove it for you.

Desperate Measures:

Heal through Dark Meditation:  This is an ability that does significant raid-wide damage. It’s a great spot to queue up short cooldowns like Spirit Shell to help with the incoming damage.

Stack in Meditative Field: During the cast, Sun also puts a protective field (looks like the anti-magic zone) around herself which reduces damage taken from Dark Meditation. Stack up in the field with the raid and heal through the damage. Since this is the only time the raid will be stacked, rotating in Barrier with other area specific cooldowns is ideal.

He Softfoot

Normal Phase:

Heal through Garrote: This is an undispellable debuff He puts on random players, and must be healed through. It does about 80k physical damage every 2 seconds so popping an extra bubble and heals on the person with it helps throughout the fight.

Avoid Poison Clouds: Softfoot, being a rogue, has a poison related ability where his melee attacks leave nasty green clouds of poison on the ground. Avoid these!

Desperate Measures

Pass the Mark of Anguish to the tank: During this phase, He Softfoot summons an Anguish add and puts the Mark of Anguish debuff on a random player. This add must be tanked and killed as soon as possible. An extra action action button appears which the player can then use to pass along the debuff to the tank that was tanking He.

And that’s about it for the Fallen Protectors. Note that despite the long list of abilities, the fight itself is fairly simple – it comes down to a few basic mechanics and staying out of bad stuff for the most part.


Twist of Fate is a great talent for this fight – I found its uptime to be fairly high since there are many adds to kill.  Cascade is another one that really shines here since the raid is so spread out for the most part.


Off-hand – Purehearted Cricket Cage

Wrists – Lifebane Bracers

2 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Fallen Protectors

  1. I am a horrible, horrible person.

    I resent Sun the most for some reason, possibly because I hated the quest to rescue the 15 pandaren spirits – if I wasn’t getting smacked outta the spirit world by a ghost, somebody was clicking on the spirit just before me, which was infuriating! Invariably there were several mogu around when I got shifted back into the “real” world, and I’d get slammed. (Yeah yeah, I survived – THAT’S NOT THE POINT!) It was a while before someone told me you could do the quest mounted, and I was overjoyed with the knowledge. That is, until I was doing that quest again recently (maybe early August, even?), when I discovered that Blizzard had figured that out, too, and made it impossible to do the quest while mounted. AAAAAH!!!

    So I didn’t feel the slightest hint of sadness/regret when Cho recognized them. (Secret truth: I never realized/paid any attention to/remembered Rook’s name … and was like, “who’s that guy?”) No, I was just about giggling with evil, terrible glee – REVENGE IS SWEET.

    Whenever Sun says (I think) something like, “You’ll suffer for our failure!” I’m always like, “PLEASE,” and I cast Ascendance and cackle while hurling lava in everybody’s face.

    /bad person

    • LOL! Well it sounds like you did way more dailies than I did. I was fairly fickle in this regard. If the dailies were the ones I hated, I just skipped them for the day and continued on.

      Funnily, the one I recognise most is He Softfoot – the rogue who was terrible at stealthing apparently and constantly got himself captured. Was such a pain to find him!!

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