Healing Perspectives: Immerseus


This is an interesting start to the new tier for me. Last night was an awesome raid night. We walked into the raid and were done with the first four bosses within an hour. Which is great ofcourse – except now I have four posts to catch  up on! 🙂

The first bad guy we’ll deal with is Immerseus – a watery boss who looks much scarier than he actually is.

The fight has two phases: The stationary phase where the boss is in the middle of the room; and the split phase when he splits up into tiny blobs. The key to the fight is keeping the blobs from reaching Immerseus because that decreases Immerseus’ corruption. The fight will alternate between these two phases until his corruption reaches zero.

Stationary Phase:

Spread out in the raid: Keep a 5 yard range from fellow raid members to minimise damage from Sha bolts.

Avoid Void Zones: The Sha Bolts form pools at player’s locations so make sure to watch your feet and be on the move.

Avoid Moving Voids: Immerseus casts an ability called Swirl, which essentially spawns moving void waves and torrential wave. Avoid both as far as possible while still avoiding the pools. Although the damage from these isn’t too high, they knock players up in the air and can be very annoying. Easy to avoid.

Split Phase:

Heal Contaminated Puddles: Every time it is fully healed players gain a buff that returns mana and increases healing by 75%. A good strategy to is to quickly heal a puddle up to full and then use the healing buff to catch the rest. Since our options to AoE heal as Discipline are fairly limited, my plan (which I can confirm next week since I got the idea after our kill last night, doh) is to insta-heal up one of the blobs with the Void Shift and milk the healing buff with the others for all its worth. Additionally, make sure you have Archangel up for this phase – the increased healing is a lovely plus.

Stay within 12 yards of Contaminated Puddles:  Note that you only get the healing buff if you’re within 12 yards of the healed blob.

Watch for raid damage: Every time puddles reach the boss, the raid takes damage. Fully healed puddles make the raid take less damage but also reach the boss slower. Since the raid is spread out, Cascade is a fantastic tool to deal with the splash damage going out.

And that’s about it for this very fun first boss in Siege of Orgrimmar! 🙂


Bolt-Burster Grips (Hands)

Ichor-Dripping Shoulderpads (Shoulders)

Hood of Swirling Senses (Head – no spirit)

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