Healing Perspectives: Heroic Ji-Kun


Patch 5.4 is due on September 10th and while I was really looking forward to it, I get some much needed time to catch up on these posts that have simply been sitting in my drafts. Heroic Ji-kun is a really fun fight and there isn’t much of a difference between the normal and heroic versions. Much of this fight revolves around the familiar mechanics of dealing with the nests, staying out of pools and such. So, here we go!

A quick recap of what this fight about: Nests are a key mechanic of this fight. Ji-kun, the big angry bird will spawn nests from time to time and a pre-determined nest group will jump to the nests, and kill the eggs there before they turn into nasty beasts. The group then returns to the platform and deals with the Ji-kun’s abilities there and alternates throughout the fight until the bird is dead.

The big thing to note for this fight is there will be two groups with nest duty instead of one as it usually is on normal. This is because at some point in the fight, two nests will spawn at the same time.

Main Platform:

– Keep track of Infected Talons: This is a stacking debuff on the tanks and hits like a truck on heroic. Keep track of the switch and put heavy heals on the tanks accordingly.

Queue a short cooldown for Quills: This is an ability that damages the raid every minute for 8 seconds – queue a short cooldown to deal with the high incoming raid damage. Spirit Shell is a great tool for this one – keep an eye on the timer and pre-cast it for awesome mitigation. When the raid has a chance to stack up, rotate in Barrier with other healing cooldowns to deal with the incoming damage.

– Use movement boosts for Down Draft: This is similar to Lei Shi’s special ability where players are pushed away from and must run towards the boss to reduce the damage they take. Run towards Ji-kun and use movement speed boosts to make sure players are not thrown off the platform. I save bubbles and nitro-boosts for this phase when things get hairy. Other useful methods include using the warlock portals etc.

– Spread out and avoid Caw: This targets the location of a random raid member and deals heavy damage those within 8 yards of the location. Spread out to minimise damage taken from this and keep an eye out for the who is targetted. Caw’s travel path is visible and can be avoided.

– Avoid goo pools from Feed Young: These pools do significant damage on heroic and the debuff they provide can be deadly during periods of high damage. Avoid at all costs, and make sure you don’t get caught in one of these during Down Draft!

In the heroic version there will be two nest groups. The first, “main” group will spend most of its time on nests throughout the fight until the raid leader calls to burn down Ji-kun. The second nest group has three nests they need to tackle while the main nest group is on other nests. This is because in some instances two nests will spawn simultaneously and must be dealt with. It’s very useful to mentally note the nest numbers you’re required to jump down for. For example, I was in the second nest group and had to jump down for Nests 2, 8 and 9.

Nest Duty:

Jump down to Nest: I mean this one in the most literal sense – jump. Simply walking off the platform, as I found out the hard way, will cause you to miss the nest. So its ideal to jump off the platform or use a speed while getting down to the nest. Careful with Levitate – the one time I used it, I actually ended passing the nest entirely since it had me go too far!

Heal through Quills: Quills still hits like a truck even on Nests, so be sure to queue up cooldowns to deal with it.

– Use the feather to fly to subsequent nests:  This mechanic is the same as the normal version. Note that as a part of the second nest group, there is a point where the team will fly up from nest 8 and immediately fly up to the following nest. Since a single charge doesn’t last the entire way from nest to nest, it’s worth briefly stopping on the platform and then flying up to the subsequent nest.

Here’s a video of the fight from the perspective of Nest Team B. I wasn’t the best at Caw in this one but oh well! Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Heroic Ji-Kun

  1. Great video, I’m always on the platform so it’s excellent to a see a nest healer’s perspective as I’ve never seen that side of the fight before.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I wish I did better on the Caws for the vid, but it’s so hit and miss with recording. A lot of times when I do it right I realise I didn’t hit the record button XD

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