Why Do We Fight?


This is a question I have asked myself over and over again over the last week. As a gnome, as a night elf – why do we fight? Why should I trouble myself with the Horde’s war on Garrosh? He’s not my warchief. What can inspire me to run through the gates of Orgrimmar on behalf of my faction?

I’ve thought about the story in all sorts of ways, looked at the flaws in Blizzard’s storytelling, and tried to explain to myself why the wrath of the Alliance has come to equal what seems to be nothing more than apathy. They are content to sit idle over Southshore, Andorhol and Theramore, so why shouldn’t I.

And then, I saw Windle Sparkshine in Dalaran.


Here was a gnome, with his stately white beard, who walked the streets of Dalaran every night at 9 to light up the magical city.

“His daughter Kinndy was Jaina Proudmoore’s apprentice. She died in the Theramore explosion, and in remembrance Windle lit the lamps with an image of his daughter.” — Tides of War

We are nearing the one year anniversary of Theramore, and in the midst of faction-balances and storytelling issues – it’s very easy to forget the little things. Today, Windle reminded me of them.

Theramore was awful and enraging to everyone. As an Alliance player, I felt immense anger and grief; as a Horde shaman, I was enraged that this was committed in the Horde’s name by the Warchief.

A father lost his beloved daughter, a wife lost her husband, an army lost their commander – and many more whom we don’t know.

When Hellscream’s end draws close, I will make a short trip to Dalaran, to a grieving father. He may not recognise this gnome in a blood elf mechanical suit at the moment, but it’s alright. He will know that when he lights up Dalaran for his daughter, there are those fighting for her and all the others who lost their lives in Hellscream’s madness.

Why do we fight? As an Alliance, I fight in the name of friends I lost to Garrosh Hellscream’s bloodthirst. And as a Horde, I fight to regain my honour.

6 thoughts on “Why Do We Fight?

  1. Very nice perspective. I haven’t read the books so I didn’t know about Windle’s story. I know Blizz has good writers, I know all the elements are there for the promised “Alliance fist-pumping moment.”
    I just don’t believe we are ever going to see it in the game.
    Why do we fight? As Alliance, I don’t have a clue…and I don’t know why we are helping the trolls.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head. All the elements for the Alliance’s moment are indeed there – they’ve just been put away in books and other obscure places, Elune knows why.

      I think the story could’ve been so different if instead of the Alliance going to the trolls, the trolls came to Varian. What if Wrynn had been planning an assault on Orgrimmar to avenge Theramore? And Vol’jin comes over and says, hey I’ll help. Vast difference from the robokitty storyline.

      I really wish Windle’s story was put ingame – it can be so powerful. Like you said, the elements are there – we’re just not going to see it ingame. In my opinion, that’s a huge failing on Blizzard’s part.

      • Absolutely – why didn’t that happen? Vol’jin should have come begging for help with promises to atone for the atrocities against the Alliance once Hellscream was defeated.

        I might have been convinced to help the rebels if it played out like that – instead we help the trolls because…???

        What about Andiun? We have a big set-up there with Andiun and Blaine Boodhoof. They think alike and respect each other. They have a history. They have a story in Pandaria.

        I mean come on…I’m no fantasy writer – heck, I can’t even write fiction – but even I can put together a plot from this that would give both the Alliance and the Horde a fist-pumping moment!

        Oh well. Maybe they’ll bring back Thrall as Warchief again and the Alliance can get another escort quest…

    • I think it’s a touching story for both sides. Stories like these are what I’d like to see more of in the game rather than books and outside sources. I think players seeing it would make a big difference 🙂

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