Healing Perspectives: Ji-Kun

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This is a really fun fight with a giant bird and her eggs. This is a single phase fight with two parts: The main platform, and the nests. The healing strategy for this fight is divided depending on the platforms you’re healing.

Main Platform:

Keep track of Infected Talons: This is a stacking debuff that requires a tank switch – keep track of the switch and put heavy heals on the tanks accordingly.

Queue a short cooldown for Quills: This is an ability that damages the raid every minute for 8 seconds – queue a short cooldown to deal with the high incoming raid damage. Spirit Shell is a great tool for this one – keep an eye on the timer and pre-cast it for awesome mitigation. When the raid has a chance to stack up, rotate in Barrier with other healing cooldowns to deal with the incoming damage.

Use movement boosts for Down Draft: This is similar to Lei Shi’s special ability where players are pushed away from and must run towards the boss to reduce the damage they take. Run towards Ji-kun and use movement speed boosts to make sure players are not thrown off the platform. I save bubbles and nitro-boosts for this phase when things get hairy.

Heal through Down Draft:  Keep your instant heals handy for this phase to heal the raid while moving. Sometimes players can inadvertently go over a pool while dealing with Down Draft. Penance on the move, liberal bubbles and cascade are fantastic tools for this phase.

Spread out and avoid Caw: This targets the location of a random raid member and deals heavy damage those within 8 yards of the location. Spread out to minimise damage taken from this and keep an eye out for the who is targetted. Caw’s travel path is visible and can be avoided.

Avoid goo pools from Feed Young: This is Ji-kun’s ability that spawns green pools of nastiness on the ground. These deal heavy nature damage to anyone standing in them and must be avoided. Despawning the pool requires players to stand in it for 3 seconds and any player doing so will require heavy healing during this time.

Nests Duty:

Jump down to the nests and dps the eggs: Any dps that translates to healing is useful for this portion since the eggs must be killed within 10 seconds if possible (to avoid hatchlings turning into fledglings).

Heal through Quills: Since Quill also effect members in the nests, make sure to queue some heavy healing for this ability.

Use the feather to fly to subsequent nests: Each egg drops a feather that gives the players flight – be sure to pick one up and fly! Each feather grants an extra action button with 4 charges and each charge provides 8 seconds of flight. Keep track of this since the last thing you want is to lose flight mid-air and drop down to death.

The following vid is of the heroic version of this fight, but many of the mechanics (such as Down Draft, Nests, Caw etc) are the same as the normal version. I’m working on the heroic healing perspectives version of this fight so stay tuned! Enjoy 🙂

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