Healing Perspectives: Megaera

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This is a fairly straightforward fight from a healing perspective. There are only a couple things to keep track of here, but the challenge of Megaera is in the intense healing that it requires.

Megaera is a hydra with many heads. Thankfully, we’ll only be fighting two heads at a time – and to make it simpler, only be killing one of the two. There are three flavours of heads here (yeah, that sounds so wrong) : red (flaming), blue (frost) and green (poison). The most common strategy is to kill the red and green heads alternatingly, and completely ignore the blue one. This healing perspective is with that strategy in mind.

Every time a head is killed, a second head will spawn and Megaera will Rampage  for 20 seconds.

Keep track of DPS on heads for Rampage: Rampage is the most intense healing aspect of this fight but note that there are no convenient timers for the ability. This is because it depends on how quickly the dps in the raid are killing the head. It’s vital to keep an eye on the head’s health and queue cooldowns accordingly.

Stack and coordinate cooldowns for Rampage: Initial Rampages are not terribly difficult to heal through, but as the fight goes the final rampages become more and more intense. It’s the perfect place to use cooldowns such as Barrier, Tranquility, Revival etc. Ideally, Spirit Shell should be available and queued up for every Rampage to help mitigate the damage.

Flaming Head:

Heal through Ignite Flesh: This is DoT that the current flaming head does and should only be on the tank. Avoid being in range of the head’s cone of breath for this, and heal through the DoT for the tank.

Get out of the raid if you have Cinders: This is a dispellable debuff that does ticking damage to the player and leaves a puddle of nasty fire when dispelled. If you have Cinders, run out of the raid and find a safe spot to drop the puddle. If it’s on a fellow raid member, any movement speed boosts like Body and Soul from bubbles will help them get out of the raid quicker.

Dispel Cinders once out of the raid: The key here is to make sure dispels happen at the right time, once members are out of the raid.

Green Head:

Heal though Rot Armor: Again, a DoT that the venomous head puts out through a cone of nasty breath. It should only hit the tank so avoid being in range of the head’s cone of breath for this, and heal through the DoT for the tank.

Run away from Acid Rain: This ability does AoE damage and looks like a green swirling puddle on the ground. The farther you are from this puddle, the less damage you will take. Make sure to run away from it when it hits and heal through its damage. This is a good spot to use mobile healing spells such as Cascade that favour spread out groups.

Blue Head:

Heal through Arctic Freeze: This is the DoT that the freezing head puts out and can be easily avoided by everyone but the tank taking the head. Heal through the DoT and avoid the cone.

(Not including its other abilities here since the strategy is not to kill this head)

And that’s pretty much it for Megaera! Happy healing! 🙂

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