Sha-Touched Threads


Ideas for this one came to me while thinking about the RP aspect of a medic. Life isn’t sunshine and sprockets – sometimes there are hard decisions to be made, and sometimes we are the bearers of bad news. And with being a priest, there’s always darkness where there’s light.

Finally, there’s a theme that’s been the driving force of this entire expansion: dealing with our inner demons of despair, doubt, fear and such. We’re battling the Sha ingame, but we’re also very often dealing with our own RL versions of them.

I really love this dark and somber set because of how simple it is. The lack of colour just makes it so mournful and sinister all at once. It is simple and grave, and yet the Sha-touched parts seem to reflect on inner flaws and doubts.


Where to get the Set:

Chest: Silver-Thread Robe (BoE random drop)

Shoulders: Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal (Razorgore, Blackwing Lair)/ Black Mageweave Shoulders (Tailoring)

Gloves: Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves (Random BoE drop on Isle of Thunder)

Waist: Exiled Dabbler’s Cinch (Random BoE drop on Isle of Thunder)

Feet: Veteran’s Mooncloth Slippers (Justice Points, vendor Kayri, Isle of Quel’Danas)

Head: Chief Architect’s Monocle (Finaeous Darkvire, Blackrock Depths)

Staff: Jin’ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker (Lei Shi, Terrace of Endless Spring)


 The staff and monocle really define this set for me and I was surprised at how well designs from completely different expansions and eras could look so fitting in an outfit.

Time for some dark and sinister heals to take over Azeroth! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sha-Touched Threads

    • Hmm I’d have to dig a bit – can’t think of the belt off the top of my head. And yeah you’re so right – I do look like Forsaken alchemist! Monocle and all 🙂

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