Healing Perspectives: Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker


The heroic version of Jin’rokh is just as fun as the normal version is! He’s a big ugly troll who looks much meaner than he actually is. And now, I have a video of the fight as proof! I did a different take on this one and went with captions coupled with some eccentric music (don’t judge me!), instead of the usual narration. Let me know what you think!

Many of his abilities from normal remain the same and if you’d like a recap of the healing perspectives post on that, check it out here.

Take advantage of Fluidity: These are the yummy puddles of goodness, same as the normal version. The increase in damage done translates to more healing for atonement and fistweaving aspects of healing, so take advantage of this throughout the fight.

–  Kite Lightning Orbs Away: Every so often a Focused Lightning spawns an orb that fixates on a player and deals damage upon reaching them. Positioning these orbs correctly before they explode is key to the fight. The orb travels fairly fast so using movement speed boosts (Body and Soul, nitro boosts etc) to get it to a safe location as quickly as possible is imperative.

1. Never position them near the raid: Once the orb reaches its target, it explodes and spawns a fissure that does constant damage to people near it.

2. Never over another fissure: When this happens, it deals about significant damage to the raid. It is extra damage that is completely avoidable by choosing the kite location carefully.

3. Never in Conductive Water: If a fissure spawns inside a pool, it does massive damage to everyone standing in the pool and is a quick way to kill the raid.

Heal through Static BurstThis ability hits fairly hard on heroic mode and must be healed through. Note that its damage is magnified due to Fluidity, but it’s very healable.


This is a magical debuff that Jin’rokh casts on the raid. It does high damage (450 k) to anyone within 8 yards when it is dispelled or falls off, and lasts for 24 seconds. This ability hits every member of the raid.

Never let it drop or dispel it in in the puddle: Dispelling Ionisation offa a member while they’re in the puddle is an instant wipe for the raid. Due to its high damage and the increased nature damage taken in the puddle, this is unhealable and everyone will instantly die.

Run out of the group with an 8 yard check for a dispel: Make sure you run out of the group before letting the debuff fall off or dispelling it. Keep the 8 yard range up to make sure noone else in the raid takes damage when it is dispelled. Since the damage from this is fairly high, it could easily kill another player if they aren’t topped off.

Top people off before dispelling: Ionisation does 450k damage, which is almost the entirety of a person’s health pool. This is why it is critical to make sure folks are topped off before Ionisation, and they have a shield or absorb of some kind before the debuff is dispelled. I personally love using Spirit Shell right before Ionisation hits to minimise the damage from this.

Note the immunities for this effect: Some classes can avoid getting the debuff altogether by using immunities such as Deterrance, Paladin’s Bubble of Awesome, Ice Block etc. The key to this is to use your ability right before Jin’rokh gets the cast off. As a healer, note who in the raid will be needing dispels and coordinate accordingly.

Lightning Storm

This phase is the biggest difference from the normal mode version. The heroic version of Lightning Storm brings down four Lightning Pillars at random locations which then spawn balls of lightning that must be avoided. And finally, the raid takes constant damage of 55k per second for 15 seconds while Lightning Storm is active. I wonder if there’s enough lightning in this fight.

Avoid the Lightning Pillars: Make sure you aren’t standing where a Lightning Pillar spawns since that would mean an instant death. You can tell where they will spawn by a line of lightning that drops down, and a small area of lightning on the ground.

Avoid the Balls of Lightning: These balls of lightning must be avoided and it’s just a matter of getting used to the dance. The important thing is not to panic, and to only move when you have to – kind of like watching the rock in the sky to determine where it’ll fall before moving. All members of the raid need to avoid these since they do a lot of damage when they hit players. Folks can probably survive one hit but not much more.

Heal through ticking damage: While the ongoing damage of 55k per second is not huge, it does require a little bit of healing to keep everyone up. Mobile heals and bubbles are fantastic for this phase. Penance, Prayer of Mending, Cascade, and shields are my best friends during the Lightning Storm dance.

4 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker

  1. Hi, very nice post about Healing for JK HM.

    Do you have in mind a particular setup for heals (like 1 RSham,1 Disc, 1 HPal for example) by the way ?



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