Thanks for Voting!


Thank you for taking the time to vote. Here’s a snippet of the results:



Since there’s a decent amount of interest in healing videos as a supplement to the Healing Perspectives posts, I’ll be working on them in the coming weeks and see how I best I can make them! For a test run, I did one of Tortos from last week’s raid with a voiceover so feel free to check it out.

I wish I had Jennifer Hale’s voice or some awesome SWTOR voice actor speaking for these videos lol. Thanks again for leaving your feedback! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thanks for Voting!

    • I deliberately stayed away from Youtube for the time being. The first reason is that Youtube seems to take forever to upload videos, especially when I want the HD option.

      And the other reason is that I’d primarily like these videos available from my blog until I get a feel for how they shape up. They are primarily a supplement to my written strats at the moment, not complete guides by themselves. Youtube can also get very spammy at times with comments and such, and so I went with dailymotion for now.

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