Healing Perspectives: Tortos


Simple fight. Phew! It does have a do-or-die aspect but hey, atleast it doesn’t have the long list of abilities that Council did! 🙂

Tortos is an interesting  fight that was somewhat inspired by one of the Molten Front dailies where you had to kick the turtle.

This fight is filled with little spinning turtles that are part of a key mechanic. The damage dealers must bring the health down of the spinning turtles to keep them from wrecking the raid. The turtles then becomes stationary and can be kicked.

Tortos does a raid-wide high damage ability called Furious Stone Breath which must be interrupted if the raid is to survive. That’s where the little turtles come in. Once brought down in health, these turtles can then be kicked at the right time to interrupt Furious Stone breath. This is the do-or-die aspect of the fight.

The healing tips for this fight are nice and uncomplicated!

Avoid spinning turtles: The fight will be filled annoying spinning turtles that the dps will bring down in order to kick. The spinning turtles knock players back and into the air, so be sure to keep a good distance from them.

Heavy tank heals to deal with Snapping Bite: Snapping Bite does about 66k to 69k physical damage to the main tank – be sure to keep them topped off and use damage mitigation cooldowns (Pain Suppression, Iron Bark etc) to deal with this ability.

Coordinate cooldowns for Quake Stomp: Quake Stomp is an ability that does 65% of a player’s maximum health as raid-wide damage and stuns players for one second. The raid cannot always stack up for this ability so it’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to bring them up. Cascade can be cast right before Quake Stomp occurs as it will continue to bounce and heal while the raid is stunned. Spirit Shell is fantastic for this phase as well – queuing it up about 10 seconds before the stomp hits works great. In addition to his, pre-shielding people is also helpful. It’s imperative to keep an eye on the Quake Stomp timer to get all the mitigation out effectively.

– Avoid Rockfalls: These are falling rocks from above that can be easily avoided – watch for the blue circle and move away. Note that you’ll take no damage at all if you move out of the 20 yard range. But moving out of the blue circle is usually sufficient since the damage after that is easily healable. Note that Rockfalls become more frequent right after Quake Stomp, so be ready to be on the move. Another reason why it’s beneficial to mitigate as much of Quake Stomp as possible – there’s less to heal on the move during the Rockfalls that follow.

Keep the adds tank over 350k health: It is essential to keep the tank that’s dealing with the Vampiric Bats over 350k health as the Bats will otherwise drain life and heal themselves. This is not something that will be too challenging but is important to keep track of during the course of the fight.

And that’s pretty much it for Tortos! Happy healing and turtle-kicking! 😀

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