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Ah Benediction. It’s the staff that screams “priest” and is an icon from the days of long long ago. Ever since the introduction of transmogrification, I’ve been eagerly waiting for a chance to bring out Bene from the bank. Sadly, for the longest time I’ve been stuck with the mainhand – offhand combination for PvE reasons. Last week, all my Mogu Runes of magic finally paid off and Ji-Kun finally dropped his staff for me! And so it’s time bring out Benediction.

Here are my picks of outfits to sport Benediction with!

The classic set that goes with Benediction is ofcourse, Tier 1 – Vestments of Prophecy.


 The entirety of this set can be farmed out in Molten Core and it’s a great way to couple a transmogrification run with grinding reputation for the Hydraxian Waterlords. If I’m feeling particularly vanilla, and want the nostalgic yet regal priest, this is my go-to set.

Another contender with the intricate red and gold design to complement Benediction, is an outfit made around Robes of Power.

Lil-Robes of Power

Note that you must be a tailor in order to get this outfit since Robes of Power are tailor-only and BoP . But they look so cool, I’m seriously considering switching professions for it! I went with a scholarly look on this one

Where to get the Set:

Chest: Robes of Power (BoP, Tailoring)

Shoulders: Flarecore Mantle (BoE, Tailoring)

Gloves: Soulcloth Gloves (BoE, Tailoring)

WaistVoidweave Cilice (Voidhunter Yar, Rare in Nagrand, Auction House 🙂 )

Head: Chief Architect’s Monocle (Fineous Darkvire, Blackrock Depths)

Feet: Fire Striders (Balnazzar, Stratholme)

Benediction is a stately staff sure, but that doesn’t mean a sassy outfit doesn’t go well with it. The third option, the Cindercloth Set adds a bit of sexy to the look.

Cindercloth1-frontThis is a lovely and fun set  – very close to what Sally Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery wears. Given its sexy appeal, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks on a gnome.

Where to get the Set: 

Chest: Cindercloth Vest (BoE, Tailoring)

Shoulders: Sunderseer Mantle (Heirloom)

Head: Circle of Flame (Ambassador Flamelash, Blackrock Depths)

Legs: Cindercloth Pants (BoE, Tailoring)

Gloves: Inferno Gloves (BoE, Tailoring)

Waist: Voidweave Cilice (Voidhunter Yar, Rare in Nagrand, Auction House 🙂 )

Feet: Fire Striders (Balnazzar, Stratholme)

The final set in this collection revolves around a robe that’s been an all-time favourite of mine. Scarlet Sin’dorei Robes have all the red and gold coupled with some tummy-bearing awesomeness.

Lil-scarletsindoreiI simply couldn’t hold in my need to have goggles on atleast one of these sets so I decided to add a bit of “cool” onto these. 🙂

Where to get the Set: 

Chest: Scarlet Sin’dorei Robes (Kael’thas, Heroic Magister’s Terrace)

Shoulders: Sunderseer Mantle (Heirloom)

Head: Fire Goggles (Engineering)

Gloves: Sunfire Handwraps (BoE, Tailoring)

Feet: Fire Striders (Balnazzar, Stratholme)

Waist: Girdle of Ruination (BoE, Tailoring)

Happy Friday! 🙂

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