The Gnome Racer


Image courtesy: ‘Azeroth Remembered’

This past week, my thoughts wandered somewhat nostalgically to old Azeroth. There was one place in particular that I still miss going to – the Mirage Raceway. No matter what I was playing, or which faction I was on at the time, I loved going down with my mechanohog to just hang out and ‘race’.

Those memories are the inspiration for the latest transmog outfit – the ‘gnome racer’. I wanted the outfit to be snazzy, befitting of a racer afterall, and yet comfy and practical while my gnome revved up her mechanohog and prepared to leave goblins in the dust.


The Gnome Racer

I wanted something stylish and unique so I started out with one of the coolest cloth chests in the game – Watcher’s Tunic – and built the rest of the set up from there. The pieces that make up this set come from a variety of sources so if you’re looking to put this one together, get ready to make a grand tour of Azeroth! Note that she is indeed wearing a shirt, Deckhand’s Shirt, to balance the deep cut of the tunic. The shirt is skin coloured so it’s very subtle in it’s appearance.


Where to get this set:

Chest: Watcher’s Tunic (Quest reward from Forge Camp: Annihilated)

Shoulders: Reinforced Woolen Shoulders (Tailoring)

Gloves: Ebony Flame Gloves (Ebonroc, Blackwing Lair)

Waist: Embereye Belt (Avenger’s of Hyjal, Honoured)

Legs: Embersilk Leggings (Auction House, random mob drops)

Feet: Embersilk Boots (Auction House, random mob drops)

Shirt: Deckhand’s Shirt (Auction house, Southsea mob drops)

HeadSpellpower Goggles Xtreme (Engineering)

The sad news about this outfit for me, is that I’ve already long completed the quest that provides the chest on my main gnome. (In 6 years of playing, I’m bound to throw things away 🙂 ) So if I do manage to get this set, it would have to be on a new reroll and I’m honestly quite tempted to to it.

Although the goggles are so quintessentially gnome, I think this set also looks really good on a taller race like humans.


Badass heals. You rang?

And frankly, it’s a lovely change from the usual robes and elegant shoulders priests have. I mean, who wouldn’t want their medic to look like this?

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