Embracing the Horde in me?

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Confession time. That screenie is actually my adorable priest many many moons ago. Before there was transmog, before there was battletag, and before there was Garrosh…I was horde. It’s finally time for that update.

This expansion has yet to be kind to me as far as raiding is concerned. I found a lovely guild at the beginning of the expansion but sadly the raiding team didn’t work out, and right now I’m back to the hunt for a good group of folks to raid with. I took the chance to revisit what I want out of raiding and what kind of schedule I’d like to be on. Turns out, I don’t like evening raids as much as I thought. So I’ve decided to change my raiding schedule to be weekend mornings.

As I was writing my post on the recruitment forums, I realised that there were quite a few check boxes I wanted filled: Light schedule, weekend mornings, solid leadership, semi-hardcore environment etc. And even if they check all those boxes, they need to want a discipline priest! So here’s the best part: I found a guild who checked all those boxes and could use a discipline priest. Egads. And that’s not all – the most interesting part is that they’re horde.

The prospect of returning to the horde side is a really interesting development that I didn’t necessarily expect while searching for a raid group. And so here I am wondering, is it time for me to embrace the horde in me?

One of the big ones is that the server is a medium pop PvP server. This is both a good thing and a bad thing – I’m not too terribly worried about the PvP aspect of it as much as the medium/low pop part. And even that I think is both good and bad. There’s something I’ve grown weary of on my ridiculously high population server for a while now:


This shot is from a little bit ago so it doesn’t quite show the pain fully. Last night the queue was over an hour long and stayed that way for the better of the night. So the prospect of not having my play time interrupted by nasty queues is very appealing indeed. Ofcourse, the flip side is that when there aren’t as many people playing on the server, the economy is a little different and so are the prospects of searching for a new guild if my current option doesn’t work out. If I am spending real money to go there, chances are that if I needed to look for another guild shortly after (just plan B type scenario here), I’d probably have to spend more money transferring elsewhere. Lots to think about.

For the first time in two years, I think lore has actually popped up in my head as a big concern. So far, I’ve seen Mists through the eyes of an Alliance player right from storming the beach to entire Shieldwall questline. Even Theramore infuriated me as an Alliance player, and so my story has pretty much been defined from this perspective. When I faction change, I will be a little lost.


I think it’s fantastic that Mists has gotten to this point that continuity of story is a significant concern with faction changing for me. I certainly didn’t have this worry in Cataclysm. I have yet to see the Horde side of things as far as the story goes but if anything, I expect it to be even more complicated on their with Garrosh’s path and the internal strife. I’m actually a little excited to see it.

I’ll be weighing things out this weekend and making a decision on where I want my future raiding home to be. I’ve tried to learn from things that have burned me in the past and hold new guilds to higher standards but at some point, it’s impossible to read and predict how it will all work out until one actually takes the leap.

I’ll be taking my own advice for one, with a couple added notes from what I’ve experienced in the last three months. Another thing I’ve also considered is not basing my choice solely on raiding requirements but seeing if it meets my expectations for being a good long-term home and a fun place to hang out. I may be raiding now and I may not be raiding in a couple months – but home should be home.


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