Healing Perspectives: Horridon

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Horrible Horridon gave me a horridly horrendous headache. I just had to say it. 🙂  *Ahem* Horridon is actually a really fun fight that requires a lot of coordination from the raid. If everything is executed well, it turns into a lovely clean polished boss kill that can be rewarding.

This is mostly a two phase fight with the second being the final burn phase. The first phase involves dealing with waves of troll adds of different shapes and sizes and having the right dps priority in getting them down.

For this phase, the raid will have to deal with four different tribes all with different abilities. They come in waves, always in the same order. Horridon will probably be kited throughout the room where the doors break and the troll tribes enter. So keep in mind that you’ll almost always be on the move in this phase.

Phase 1

Keep track of Triple Puncture stacks: This is where the tanks will be taking their damage from Horridon so keep track of its stacks and plan out heals accordingly.

Always stay to Horridon’s side: Horridon does AoE damage both in front of him and behind him with Double Swipe – so make sure you’re never caught in it.

Avoid Charge: Horridon will randomly charge a raid member and do a Double Swipe right after. If the charge is on you, be sure to get out of the raid so the cone of Double Swipe doesn’t hit the raid. I generally bubble people for a quick and easy movement speed boost to help with this.

Each troll tribe has something to avoid.


Avoid Sand Traps: This tribe continually spawns Sand Traps that deal a high amount of damage to anyone standing it in. Be sure to avoid them – they look like little whirlwinds on the ground.

Dispel Blazing Sunlight: This is a short damage debuff cast by the Wastewalkers that chains to members near the tank. Note that the debuff can stack. Early on, coordinating dispels if two or three people have it is a good way to do it. If more than three people have it and the stacks are getting high, mass dispel is fantastic .


This wave of adds come with a high amount of AoE raid damage so be prepared for heavy healing and cooldowns.

Heal through volley: Venombolt Volley is the primary source of raid damage here that must be healed through. The raid damage can get fairly high since the effect stacks and has a duration of 60 seconds. Plan out mitigating and healing cooldowns to deal with this phase. Ideally your dps will be interrupting this as much as possible but it can go off once or twice. Spirit Shell is a fantastic way of dealing with the high incoming damage.

Avoid Living Poison: This is a big green pool on the ground that deals a high amount of damage to anyone in it, and must be avoided. Note that these pools move around so maintain a safe distance while avoiding them.


Top up the adds tank before Drakkari adds spawn: These adds do nasty debuff with Mortal Strike on the tank that reduces their healing received by 50%. It is necessary therefore, to have the tank be at full health before grabbing them. This is also a great time to queue up damage reduction cooldowns and absorbs on the tank to help with surviving the debuff. (Note that that Spirit Shell might not be as effective here unless it pre-cast before the debuff as it essentially converts healing and thus would still be affected by Mortal Strike).

– Avoid Frozen Orbs: These orbs deal about 200k damage to nearby players and are deadly – keep a safe distance from them. Word of caution – they look exactly like the orbs a regular mage would cast, so it made for interesting reactions early on. And yes, we have a mage in the group 😛

Kite undead adds: The Risen Champions of this group spread a nasty disease (Deadly Plague) when they strike players. Avoid getting hit by them and use CCs to keep them away from players. Note that they can be rooted and knocked back as well.

Dispel Deadly Plague:  Dispelling the diseases here isn’t your run of the mill dispel whoever has it type scenario. A good portion of your raid will have diseases on them and going through and simply dispelling them all won’t work. Note that the diseases stack, so the key here is to go through dispel-triage in a sense – and dispel folks where the stacks get too high to heal through. Also make sure to prioritise tanks in your dispels.


Avoid being in front of the war bears: The bears do a frontal swipe which can be quite damaging – so make sure you aren’t caught in it.

Avoid Lightning Nova Totem: This is deadly and does 500k to players within 8 yards of it. Stay away.

Maintain 5 yards range: The adds also do a deadly chain lightning ability that jumps to players within 5 yards and do increasing damage when that happens. Spread out to avoid multiple members getting chained.

Dispel Hex of Confusion: This is an annoying hex that gives players a chance to injure themselves while casting. Dispel it as soon as possible.

Phase 2

Phase 2 kicks in when all four doors have been broken. Keep track of the phase transition and use the time to heal up the raid and/or stack Spirit Shell in anticipation of the incoming raid damage from War-God Jalak .

Cycle cooldowns to deal with heavy raid damage: The two main sources of high damage in this phase is Bestial Cry from War-God Jalak which does 100k physical damage to all players, and Rampage which increases Horridon’s damage. Coordinating cooldowns in advance to deal with the increasing damage is key.

– Stack and heal on Horridon’s side and hope he dies: Stack to take advantage of mitigating cooldowns, triage, and hope it dies.

The number of abilities can seem daunting but the fight itself gets easier the better the raid is on interrupts and add damage. Once everyone has the dance down, it’s an easy hop skip and dance to shinies. 🙂


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