Alanna’s Embrace


The last couple posts of mine make it seem like healing strats are all I have going for me. An update and is in order and I’ll post it soon, when I’m ready. Until then, there’s been enough going on lately for me that I just want to revisit a part of Warcraft that takes the stress away and puts the fun back in it a little bit for me. And nothing does it for me like outfits. 🙂


My latest outfit is a lovely change to pink. Alanna’s Embrace is one of those beautiful robes that I farmed for shortly before Mists hit. There was talk of Scholomance being revamped and loot tables changing and my buddy convinced me to suck it up and spend a day in the instance until these robes were mine. I’m glad he got on my case because sadly, these robes are no longer available in game.

My favourite part about this set is how elegant it looks without showing a whole lot of skin. It’s a nice change – and I love having flowers as my offhand! 🙂

Where to get the set:

Chest: Alanna’s Embrace (no longer available)

Shoulders: Replica Magister’s Mantle (75 Darkmoon Tokens, Auction House)

Hands: Soulcloth Gloves (Tailoring BoE)

Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (Honour Points)

Feet: Ringo’s Blizzard Boots ( Blackwing Lair, random drop)

Weapon: War-Mace of Unrequited Love (Heroic Nexus, Keristrasza)

Off-hand: Lei of the Life-giver (50 Honour, Alterac Valley Vendor)

3 thoughts on “Alanna’s Embrace

  1. Zomg awesome outfit! I love the matching emeralds. Also, I wouldn’t have thought to match the gloves – the pink is right on. But I must confess, I have a soft spot for Alanna’s Embrace in general. It’s so cool! I’ve tried a few outfits with it too. And on that note, actually, I want to share with you a story. Bear with me, ’tis a bit sentimental for this fashion geek. XD

    When I was a tiny priest, way back in the long ago, the before time… sometime in mid-2005, I caught word of a little-known dress of stylish pink and epic quality. It was called something like “Alanna’s Embrace,” I had heard tell from a friend who had heard it from a friend. I was immediately transfixed by the words “pink dress” and “epic.” By god I -had- to have it! I did not have any epics, nor had I seen any… nor had I even heard of anyone who actually had the dress; the existence of the thing was totally questionable. But I knew it had to be mine. Of course, Scholomance was an hours long instance back then, and quite difficult to 5-man, aaand to top it off, the drop rate was equivalent to the baron’s mount or runeblade back in the day. The sort of rarity that made these things seem the stuff of legend. So alas, the dress remained nothing more than a crazy daydream for me.

    Much later, they updated Scholomance with Cataclysm and of course made the dress a fair amount more common (like you might actually see it someday type of common), changes that were both sad and happy at the same time. Sad that my beloved Scholomance would never be the same again… and I will not sidetrack too much, but I once spent 7 hours in there in what was, to me, the ultimate 5-man experience *ever*. That sounds crazy now, but it was fun! Okay, crazytalk aside, the happy part, and by “happy” I mean “I’ma fall over ’cause I stubbed my toe from excitement omg,” was I COULD GET MAH DRESS. My priest was no longer my main at that point, but all the same, I ran that dang place on her over and over until I had the damn thing, and by god I wore it!

    I’ve managed to cobble together some rare dresses now, to brag a bit – the original Easter Dress of 2005, the elusive Formal Dangui… but this one holds a special place in my heart. It is my favorite. And it’s pink! =)

    On a slightly more serious note, I’ve been trying to rack my brain for a suitable alternative to Alanna’s Embrace for those who don’t have it, and I’m having trouble coming up with anything good. Vestments of the Shifting Sand doesn’t seem to work. Can you think of any?

    • Lol that’s an awesome story! I’ve wondered about a possible alternative to Alanna’s Embrace but I haven’t really been able to come up with any yet. 😦 Vestments seem a little too revealing for me.

      I did feel kind of guilty that I was posting something noone could get unless they already had it – atleast Chan’s Imperial Robes are BoE! But it’s such a pretty dress that I ended up just hitting the publish button.

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