Healing Perspectives: Jin’rokh the Breaker

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Jin’rokh is the first bad guy in the Throne of Thunder – which, by the way, I think is an awesome awesome raid. I love the environments so far and I’m excited to see the rest!

The mechanics of this fight are fairly simple and  revolves around using the watery pools of goodness to bring this bad ugly troll down.

– Heavy tank heals during Thundering ThrowThis is when Jin’rokh throws a tank to break open a statue and spawn the Conductive water pools. This does approximately 200k damage to the tank and should be healed up as soon as possible.

– Using Fluidity: The buff from Conductive Waters increases healing taken and damage done. For Discipline priests/Mistweaver monks the increased damage translates to increased healing as well. For this reason, healers will have to be well aware of when they’d want to stay in the pools and when not to. (Example stay in the pools during the Atonement healing phase for the extra damage and therefore extra healing, and stay out during pure healing phase to reduce self damage taken).

– Heal through Static Burst: This is an ability that Jin’rokh does to the tank that also causes raid-wide damage. The damage isn’t too high but can get multiplied because of the increased damage taken while standing in the pools. It is unavoidable and must be healed through. It’s a great time to use shorter cooldowns such as Spirit Shell to help mitigate the incoming damage.

Stack and rotate cooldowns for Lightning StormPlan out cooldowns to deal with the high raid damage during this phase and cycle them through. Stack near the boss to take advantage of area-specific cooldowns and make sure that you are not in a pool during this phase.

Kite Lightning Orb away with movement speed boosts: Every so often a Focused Lightning spawns an orb that fixates on a player and deals damage upon reaching them. Positioning these orbs correctly before they explode is key to the fight. The orb travels fairly fast so using movement speed boosts (Body and Soul, nitro boosts etc) to get it to a safe location as quickly as possible is imperative.

1. Never position them near the raid: Once the orb reaches its target, it explodes and spawns a fissure that does constant damage to people near it.

2. Never over another fissure: When this happens, it deals about 200k damage to the raid. It is extra damage that is completely avoidable by choosing the kite location carefully.

3. Never in Conductive Water: If a fissure spawns inside a pool, it does massive damage to everyone standing in the pool and is a quick way to kill the raid.

 Stay at the edge of Conductive Water: This kind of position makes it easier as a healer to not only step out quickly if needed when using Fluidity but also to away from the raid faster if targeted by Focused Lightning.

– Never stand in electrified pools: Or die.

Happy healing 🙂


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