Healing Resources for Patch 5.2

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Here are a couple resources I found useful for patch 5.2 in regards to healing. It includes posts about the new proc system for trinkets, class -specific gear lists and class changes. Lots of good reads here – enjoy! 🙂


Hamlet’s Math on PPM Style Procs

This is the theoretical side of how to calculate uptime on procs of this nature and how they are different from what’s been done in the past thus far. It’s useful to know how this works for  when you want to do your own trinket comparisons in 5.2 and beyond.

5.2 Healing Trinket Compendium

This is Therya’s math on comparing healing trinkets from the PTR using Hamlet’s math. There are some very interesting comparisons here, and it’s well worth a thorough read.

Gear Lists

Jasyla’s Resto Druid Gear List for 5.2 

A very thorough list of resto druid gear for 5.2. As Jasyla herself mentions, a lot of the items on the list would also be useful for Mistweavers although she hasn’t included their tier pieces in her list.

Saya’s Healing Priest Gear List for 5.2

This one’s mine. It includes gear from reputation/valour, Throne of Thunder, the new world bosses as well as the new tailoring craftables. As usual, this is from the PTR database and isn’t set in stone – but I’ll try to keep the list updated.

Resto Shaman Gear in Throne of Thunder 5.2

Gear list by WoW Insider for resto shamans.

Class Changes

5.2 Priest Changes by Dayani of Healiocentric

Covers Discipline and Holy priest changes and lays out some of the math behind what those changes mean for us as healers. A great read.

5.2 Druid Changes by Lissanna of Restokin

Highlights some of the big changes in store for restoration and balance druids with an updated and more in-depth healing guide for 5.2

5.2 Resto Shaman Changes by Vixsin of Life in Group 5

Great post outlining what to expect in 5.2 in terms of resto shaman changes in talents, healing and gearing.

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