Healing Perspectives: Wind Lord Mel’jarak


The key to this fight is dealing with the adds that Wind Lord has with him right from the get-go and ultimately killing him before the enrage timer hits. A lot of the success for this fight comes from well managed CCs on certain types of adds as well as getting some decent AoE and splash onto Wind Lord while the adds are being killed.

The fight consists of two phases: Phase 1 is the add-filled phase; Phase 2 hits when the adds are dead and the raid is required to do a little dance while killing Mel’jarak.

Phase 1:


Avoid Whirling Blade: Whirling Blade is a boomerang type ability that Mel’jarak does every minute. This ability does about 200k damage if caught in and must be avoided. To get out of it’s path simply note the direction in which Mel’jarak is facing and strafe/sidestep the path.

Heal through Rain of Blades: This is the second ability that Mel’jarak does every minute. It does raid-wide AoE damage that must be healed through. (Note that this ability may be buffed by Quickening which is why is the dispels play an important role in this fight).

Heavy Tank heals close to Phase 2: Every time a group of adds fall, Wind Lord Mel’jarak gains a stacking buff called Recklessness which increases the damage he deals as well as the damage he takes. It is therefore vital to top up the tank and bring up raid members if possible before Phase 2 hits.


– Dispel Quickening: This is a cast buff for the entire Swarm that increases their casting time and attack speed. This buff stacks and it is vital to dispel it anytime it cast. While Mass Dispel is your best bet for this, note that there will be times when they cast it and Mass Dispel is still on cooldown. You can weave in the offensive dispel to deal with this. It is very useful to have boss mods warn you when they are casting Quickening so you can be ready with the dispels. Note that the casting time for Quickening is 1.5 seconds – so don’t dispel too early! 🙂

Kite Corrosive Resin: This is a nasty debuff put on random players that has them drop nasty pools of goo and take damage while doing so. Run away from the raid if you have this and make sure you drop the pools in areas where the raid will not be standing in phase 2. Safe bets are around the edges and corners – never in the middle. Note that you must keep moving (unlike Garalon’s pheromone pools) or you will take damage from the pools.

Free Amber Prisons: Players are often trapped by Amber Prisons and must be freed by a raid member. Freeing a person puts a 2 minute debuff on the player preventing them from freeing anyone else while it lasts. Note that certain abilities like Every Man for Himself can free one out of these and must be used if available. Using tricks like racials or a mage’s Blink are very convenient and avoid an extra layer of coordination for the raid.

Pre-shield for Korthik Strike: This is an ability that does heavy damage to a random raid member. You do get warned in advance about it though, so the easiest way to deal with this is to pre-sheild the member and queue up quick heals right after.

Phase 2

This is the dance phase where Wind Lord Mel’jarak must be killed before he kills the raid. Note that the previous abilities from Phase 1 still persist with the only difference being that they do a lot more damage.

Hymn right before Phase 2: This is the perfect time to Hymn of Hope and get some mana back for the heavy healing that is to come in Phase 2.

Avoid Whirling Blade: The boomerang ability still persists but does a lot more damage – getting caught in it now means instant death so be vigilant and avoid it at all costs.

Avoid Wind Bombs: Wind Lord will target a random ranged member and put a Wind Bomb on them. These look like a little cocoon with a grey circle around it – get out of the circle like your life depends on it. Staying in there will cause the Wind Bomb to blow up and will probably wipe the raid. As the phase goes on, the entire room will fill up with these nasty bombs, so its a good idea for the range to try to get these bombs in the back of the circle, moving forward and slowly going around the room. Be careful of already placed bombs while avoiding Whirling Blade and other bombs.

Queue up cooldowns for Rain of Blades: Rain of Blades now hits like a truck. Use the downtime before this ability to stack up Archangel (and the extra dps on Wind Lord doesn’t hurt either), and line it up with a cooldown. Spirit Shell by itself is not always enough to deal with the outgoing damage so shield people liberally and use abilities like Cascade to reach both the melee and ranged group. Since both groups should be stacked at their respective positions, weave in Barrier and coordinate cooldowns with other healers.

2 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Wind Lord Mel’jarak

    • Lol Navi – but those are easy! Now those darn tornadoes on Blade Lord Ta’yak on the other hand…I don’t know what I’d do without those nifty warlock portals. 🙂

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