Chan’s Imperial Robes


My latest outfit involves an elusive robe that is in warm colours and looks quite stunning – Chan’s Imperial Robes. These robes have quite the controversy surrounding them.


Before Cataclysm and the chaotic Shattering, these robes used to drop off a rare mob (Meth’riss the Enchanter) in the Hinterlands. Since the Shattering, it’s up in the air whether these robes can still be obtained from the rare mob. While the mob still exists, the level range of the area has drastically changed and these robes no longer fit that range.

I’ve seen these on the auction house ranging from 300k to 600k gold. I was fortunate enough to get my very own robes much before the Shattering – and now, I finally got around to putting together a set for them. 🙂


The webbed sleeves and backless design sold me on these robes.

Where to get the set:

Chest: Chan’s Imperial Robes (Auction house)

Shoulders: Replica Virtuous Mantle (75 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets)

Gloves: Soulcloth Gloves (Tailoring)

Boots: Imbued Netherweave Boots (Tailoring)

Belt: Serenity Belt (Auction house, random drop from mobs in Blackwing Lair/Molten Core)

I transmogrified my weapon into War-Mace of Unrequited Love and kept the Inscribed Red Fan for a touch of red.

Perhaps when I get lucky in the future, I’ll be able to add Circle of Flame to the outfit! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Chan’s Imperial Robes

  1. Lovely. I wish I’d persevered a bit more in my pursuit of those before they disappeared. The fan and the robe match perfectly.

    • It was pure luck that I found the fan to be honest. It was part of my regular healing gear – and when I finally transmogged the new set, it was just a “hey those match!” moment. 🙂

  2. These robes are absolutely stunning looking. I’ve made an in-game suggestion to bring them back as a drop. I’ve done this via Customer Support > Submit Suggestion. Please help all those that are still a big fan of this robe yet aren’t able to pay two server transfers and 300k-600k by doing the same thing!

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