Healing Perspectives: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

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It seems as though no raid is complete without some bug squishing, and Heart of Fear is the place for that this expansion. We start off with the Imperial Vizier Zor’lok!

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok is a fun fight that can be thought of in two phases: Phase 1 is when Zor’lok darts about from platform to platform and does unique abilities specific to those platforms; Phase 2 hits when Zor’lok lands in the middle of the room, and combines all the abilities from the platform for the remainder of the fight.

The order of the platforms is now fixed, and Zor’lok switches platforms every time he goes down in health by 20%. Here’s what the healing side of things looks like:

Heavy heals on the tank during Inhale/Exhale: Zor’lok channels a yellow beam of death to a random player which must be intercepted by the tank. The tank will take the brunt of the beam during this time so be sure to keep them healed. This ability takes place on all the platforms.

Phase 1

During this phase the center of the room is filled with a yellow gas that does damage and silences anyone who stands in it. Running through this gas is necessary to get to the other platforms when he switches, so use movement enhancers to get through this area quickly. I personally bubble myself to take advantage of Body and Soul before running through.

Platform 1:

Pre-emptively pop Spirit Shell for Force and Verve: The big ability on this platform is Force and Verve which is a raid-wide AoE that must be mitigated by standing in the bubbles Zor’lok spawns. Despite the bubbles, a significant chunk of damage takes place. A great way of dealing with this is to Spirit Shell the raid up before it hits, and mitigate the damage.

Run into pre-assigned Bubble when Force and Verve hit: Ideally, the raid leader assigns specific bubbles for players since the number of people able to take reduced damage while under the bubbles is limited. Remember not to run through any of the other bubbles before getting your assigned one as those will count against and can potentially keep other assigned players from getting the mitigation.

Platform 2:

Avoid Balls of Doom: Also called Attenuation, its vital to stay out of these glowy things of doom. There are various methods of avoiding them – some recommend following the clockwise/counter clockwise motion that these spawn in. Personally that didn’t work for me. I just stood still and made sure I got out of the way whenever a disc got too close. I do recommend changing your camera to get a top-down view for this phase – it makes seeing the positioning and movement a LOT easier.

Platform 3:

Heal up Freed players: Two random players will get mind-controlled during this phase and must be damaged in order to be freed. Be sure to heal up the newly freed players as quickly as possible. I also recommend using up any cc abilities you may have before Zor’lok casts his mind control. It goes a long way in making sure the raid isn’t feared/CCed while you’re mind controlled. If you’re specced into abilities like Psyfiend or Void Tendrils, I recommend replacing those for this fight.

Dispel Debuffs: If players have nasty debuffs on them from the mind-controlled players, be sure to dispel them. The last thing you want is a poison or disease lingering on the tank after the mind control has been dealt with.

Phase 2

Zor’lok inhales all the gas in the center of the room and takes the fight there.

All of the above: Zor’lok brings together all the special abilities from his previous platforms here so if you dealt with them there, there should be little problem dealing with them here. Keep to the dance of the fight and use on-the-move healing tools like Cascade during Attenuation to help keep people up.

Cycle cooldowns to deal with increased damage: The big cooldown moment this phase is during Force and Verve so coordinate cooldowns beforehand to make sure your raid can survive them. Lining up a quick Archangel with Penance to speed it up is useful for the extra healing burst this phase really needs.

Glyphs: Holy Fire, Prayer of Mending and Psychic Scream (so the raid wouldn’t be feared into the gas during the third platform).

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok is a fun exercise in raid awareness and personal responsibility, and once the dance is mastered he falls fairly easily 🙂

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