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A long long time ago, back in the days of Zul’Aman and the Burning Crusade, there existed a robe that looked ever so sexy. These Robes of Heavenly Purpose were aptly nicknamed by a wowhead user to be “Robes of Heavenly Cleavage” – and that’s what today’s post is about!

Transmogrification gave us a new freedom to beat down the bad guys while looking fabulous. Sometimes that means wearing a daunting set that exemplifies the essence of your class – and other times it means you get to look straight up sexy. Goodbye subtlety, farewell modesty – this post showcases Azeroth’s sexiest robes that show it off and dazzle their enemies to death. 🙂

I’m going to begin with the robes that started it all – Robes of Heavenly Purpose. These troll-esque robes are unfortunately, no longer available in the game but there are two recolours of the original that look just as amazing!

Hexing Robes

Hexing Robes

 Hexing Robes are a green recolour of the original, and drop from Drakara in the remade Zul’Aman. If you’re interested in the entire set, you can match these robes up with the Claw-Fringe Mantle, Charmbinder Grips and the Sash of Anguish. These robes also come in a recolour with warmer tones.

Robes of Dissention

Robes of Dissention

Robes of Dissention has some fantastic warm colours with deep reds and browns. These robes are a quest reward from Warlord of the Amani and is completed in Zul’Aman. Perhaps my favourite part about both these robes, apart from the fact that they look so flattering, is that they have a kind of neckpiece in their look – a rarity in most Azerothian robes.

Up next we have an exceptionally beautiful but rare set of robes: Chan’s Imperial Robes.

Chan's Imperial Robes

Chan’s Imperial Robes

The beauty of these robes is really in the intricate webbing on the sleeves. Chan’s Imperial Robes have been sought-after since vanilla and, currently there is much debate as to whether they are still obtainable in the game after the Shattering. These robes originally dropped off a rare spawn in the Hinterlands – and its up in the air whether they still do. All I know is that I saw these on the auction house for around 300k. Egads.

The good news is that these robes have a recolour in lime green and teal, which both also look amazing. On the left are the Arachnidian Robes and the lime green version on the right is the Hibernal/Venomshroud Robe. Both of these are BoE greens that drop off random mobs, so scouting the auction house is your best chance of getting hold of these.

Arachnidian RobesHibernal Robe

Robes of the Betrayer

Robes of the Betrayer

If you don’t have a warlock yet, these robes will give you reason to level one!

Robes of the Betrayer is the warlock-only reward for completing every Challenge Mode dungeon with a rating of Gold. It’s quite the achievement to complete, and boy are these robes worth it! The fel energy design these have going looks fantastic and just says “Illidan!” I want a warlock now.

Intricately designed silk makes the next two robes absolutely stunning.

Robes of Creation

Robes of Creation

Robes of Creation has a lovely blend of red and dark blue with some neat detailed designs that makes it look so awesome. And ofcourse, the icing on the cake is the stunning necklace that shows with it!

When my raid team first saw this they went “Woah! That is some serious cleavage!” The running joke that night was if all else failed, I would dazzle the boss to death with my stunning robes! 🙂 These robes are from tailoring and the pattern can be obtained by reaching Revered with Golden Lotus.

Robe of Five Sister

Robe of Five Sisters

These robes also come in the more pastel blue colour with a matching light blue necklace – Robe of the Five Sisters.

This version can be obtained by reaching Revered with Golden Lotus for 2250 valour points.

I always have a really tough time deciding between the two of these because they just look so awesome.

Another cute robe this expansion is Robes of the Elemental Triad.

Robes of the Elemental Triad

Robes of the Elemental Triad

These robes are mage-only unfortunately, so it will be a while before I get my hands on these. They look fantastic with their semi-puffed sleeves, off-shoulder design and yes, a very flattering neckline. They are part of the transmog set rewarded for completing every challenge mode dungeon with a rating of gold. Someday I shall get these…someday.

Ever since I rolled a tailor and discovered these robes, I’ve been in love with their colour.

Felcloth Robe

Felcloth Robe

Felcloth Robes are neither cotton-candy pink nor are they a deep red – they’re somewhere inbetween. Couple that with the neckline and the open slits on the side, you get a dazzling robe. Note that this design of robes comes in many different colours ranging from orange to green to a light blue. So if pink doesn’t work, there are always other options!

I’m going to end with what are probably the most famous of all robes in this category…

Robes of the Guardian Saint

Robes of the Guardian Saint

Robes of the Guardian Saint are very popular and sought-after for transmogrification. The gold leaf detail and generous slits make it very flattering to wear. Lightning-Infused Mantle for the shoulders and Runed Spell-Cuffs for wrists go particularly well with it.

Vestments of the Shifting Sands

Vestments of the Shifting Sands

The design comes in three other colours: Pink, Orange, and Yellow – two of which drop in Ahn’Qiraj. The yellow version, Robes of Insight, is a BoE world drop so be sure to keep tabs on the auction house for those!

Note that since this design has deep slits, this is one of the few robes with which we have to worry about what our pants look like.

To avoid any ugly pants showing through, I recommend transmogging the legs to something like Black Mageweave Leggings.

This brings me to the end of my list today. Venturing into the realm of high heels and all things cute was really fun for me.

I think there there was a lot of healing going on lately at HealsnHeels so it was time to get some of the heels back in! Thanks for reading! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Robes of Heavenly…

  1. Very cute!! I’m a particular fan of the Robes of the Elemental Triad and Robe of the Five Sisters – love the detail and cool blue theme! The lace cuffs are soooo awesome.

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