Healing Perspectives: Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

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This is me playing catch up. With my month long vacation, there were a bunch of healing guides that got left in my drafts folder and didn’t get published when I would’ve liked them to. Well, better late than never! Gara’jal the Spiritbinder is a fun and interesting fight although I, as usual, had mixed feelings about fighting a Zandalari troll. I can’t let go of the fact that my druid is exalted with them!

The fight takes place in the real world and the spirit realm, with the final enrage phase at 20% health. The real world is incredibly heal-intensive with three random players taking “voodoo doll” damage, while the spirit realm prioritises getting folks up to 100% health on a 30 second deadline. All in all, Gara’jal is an incredibly fun and fast-paced fight to heal.

In general, Gara’jal hits the tanks pretty hard so that’s something to watch out for in the midst of the rest of the mechanics. In addition to his melee attacks, his Shadowy Attacks bypass any absorption effects thus making it fairly spikey to heal through.

Real world:

This is very heal intensive as there are various sources of damage throughout.

Heal through damage from Spiritual Grasp: Shadow Minions in the spirit world damage a random player in the real world Spiritual Grasp that hits for about 48k.

Use raid cooldowns on Voodoo Dolls: When the voodoo doll debuff occurs, a tank and two other random players are inflicted. The debuff essentially copies over 70% of the damage that the tank receives onto those two players which translates into a significant amount of incoming damage. Coordinate with other healers to use damage mitigation and healing cooldowns to deal with this. Ideally, the two voodoo dolls will stack. Be sure to queue up throughput CDs as well as make full use of area-specific heals (efflorescence, sanctuary etc) to counter the incoming damage.

– Use a damage mitigation cooldown on the Voodoo tank: Note that the damage copied over to the other two non-tank voodoo dolls is based on the amount of damage the tank receives. This is a great time to use damage mitigation cooldowns (Pain Suppression etc) to help reduce the damage the tank takes, thus reducing the damage received by the other voodoo dolls. This is also a fantastic time to pop Spirit Shell and put some heavy absorbs on the tank to get a break from the heavy raid damage. Remember to align Spirit Shell with Archangel to maximise its effect!

Spirit Realm:

Players sent to the Spirit realm enter at 30% health.

Heal everyone up to 100% health: As healers, it’s our priority to get people to 100% as quickly as possible before the 30 second deadline. This is for two reasons: a) Healing them up to 100% is the only out of the spirit realm b) getting healed in the spirit world gives them an additional beneficial buff (Spiritual Innervation) depending on the class. As a healer, you get a significant amount of mana back with Spiritual Innervation. Don’t be afraid to use your quick and expensive heals to get folks up – this phase is about meeting the deadline.

Rotate healers going into the Spirit world: Spiritual Innervation gives healers back a significant amount of mana and is a key mana regeneration mechanic. Healing with the Voodoo Dolls outside the spirit realm is fairly intense so giving each healer a chance to regain mana in the spirit world is key.

Enrage Phase (20% health):

This phase is very much like the final phase in Ascendant Council fight – the final push.

– Regain Mana in anticipation of this phase: If you haven’t been in the spirit realm recently, it’s a good idea to use any mana regen ability in preparation for the burst healing this phase requires. Keep track of boss health so you can time regen right before the phase change.

– Queue up various raid cooldowns: Be sure to plan out raid cooldowns in advance and queue them up in a way that buys the raid as much time as possible to down the boss.

Heal, triage, heal: Throw mana to wind, triage and hope he dies faster than you run out of mana.

Gara’jal is all about communication with other healers since coordinating who goes into the spirit realm and who deals with the damage out in the real world is key to downing him. It’s a very fast-paced fight with few moments to sit back and take a breather which took some getting used to for me. Discipline can really shine in this fight with the Voodoo doll damage in particular – lining up Spirit Shell with other well-timed cooldowns can really make a huge difference in the fight. All in all, its a fun race against the ferocious Zandalari! 🙂


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