Healing Perspectives: Feng the Accursed

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Feng is a healing-intensive, movement filled fight with three Phases. This is very much a tank dance with the tanks gaining interesting abilities that are key to the mechanics of the fight. From a healer’s perspective, maintaining longevity despite the moments of intense healing was the big take away.

Phase 0

Heal up targets of Spirit Bolts: Feng will randomly choose 3 targets and hurl spirit bolts hitting for 96k at them. This amounts to roughly 1/3 of max health so be ready to heal them up quickly.

Phase 1 (Lightning):

Avoid Lightning Fists: These slow balls of travelling lightning hit for about 250k and are deadly – avoid.

Avoid Epicenter: This ability is largely up to the tanks to interrupt with their new abilities Nullification Barrier and Shroud of Reversal. If there’s an Epicenter and there’s neither an interrupt nor the nullification barrier to mitigate it, use a healing cooldown to get through it. It’s a good time to use Barrier and Spirit Shell to absorb much of the damage. Ideally, the tanks will call out an unmitigated epicenter to give you notice for your cooldowns.

This shouldn’t be a very healing intensive phase, so save mana for the heavy healing that is to come in phases 2 and 3.

Phase 2 (Fire):

Watch for Wildfire Sparks: If you happen to have the Wildfire Spark on you, use any speed boost you have (Body and Soul, Cat dash, ghost wolf) and get as far from the raid as possible. If it’s not on you, give the speed boost to a raid member who does. There is only a 5 second window to run out, so using movement increases is key.

Stack and use a raid cooldown for Draw Flame: Once the fire is dropped, stack up and get ready with a raid cooldown. It’s useful to coordinate with healers beforehand and decide which raid cooldown will be used.The tanks with their abilities can mitigate some of the damage done by Draw Flame so watch for their call-outs and use healing cooldowns accordingly. Nullification Barrier is ideally used for the final Draw Flame before going into the last phase. Draw Flame increases Feng’s damage and the raid will be hit hard – keep the raid cooldown ready, line up other healing boosts and preemptively mitigate some of the damage if possible.

Pop a mana cooldown during the phase transition: Depending on the raid damage during Draw Flame, mana can get low. Phase 3 is an even more healing intensive phase so I found it useful to pop my Hymn of Hope during the phase transition to ensure that I was going into the final phase, ready to be able to put out some serious healing.

Phase 3 (Arcane):

Start off by being loosely clumped around Feng. The idea is to be able stack and spread out as needed without losing too much time in movement.

Stack and use a raid cooldown for Arcane Velocity: The key is to collapse as quickly as possible as this effect does increasing damage to those farther away from Feng. Use a raid cooldown to heal through damage. Layer your healing cooldowns with other healers and try to keep Archangel up for the additional healing boost. I found it easy to categorise my healing cooldowns mentally by assigning Barrier as the first cooldown, Spirit Shell for the next and so on. Co-ordinate with the other healing cooldowns as well to pace them out so the raid can survive the phase. Loosely spread back out after.

Watch for Arcane Resonance targets: Feng randomly charges players with Arcane Resonance – this does damage to the player as well as those around them.

  • If it’s on you, get out of the raid asap – ideally have a bubble speed boost to absorb the damage while getting out. You will have a little purple circle around you when you are affected by Arcane Resonance indicating the range you need to keep from fellow players in order to not do damage to them. It’s very important to keep track of this and make sure you aren’t too close to any raid member. Also remember not to collapse with the raid during Arcane Velocity when you have Arcane Resonance. Stay out and heal yourself and the raid.
  • If it’s not on you, collapse with the raid and heal the members affected by Arcane Resonance.

In general, Feng proved to be a good learning experience for me. Timing is everything in this fight, and knowing what’s coming in terms of raid damage is half the battle. Stacking up Evangelism during down time in order to line up Archangel with moments of heavy damage was a difficult but ultimately rewarding dance. As a fight, there isn’t much going on in terms of adds/pools etc., but keeping track of the tank dance in order to predict raid damage took up plenty of mental bandwidth.

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