Goodbye Cataclysm…


Cataclysm is drawing to a close with Mists of Pandaria approaching on the horizon. I’ve ranted about all sorts of things this expansion, considered quitting more times than I can count and possibly never forgave the devs for destroying Auberdine.

Despite all of that, there are moments of beauty even in the destruction-wrought Cataclysm and that will be my nod to what was for me, a very conflicting expansion. Here’s a glimpse of my favourite landscape of this world.

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I’ve included links to the actual images below – enjoy! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Cataclysm…

  1. I notice these are all of Vashj’ir. XD I almost expected a couple from Hyjal as well. These are beautiful shots though!

    Vashj’ir is one of my favorite zones ever actually, and one of the best things to come out of Cata I think. I don’t think it was much of a hit with most people, but I love highborn lore and always hoped we’d see something cool raid-wise with Azjara someday. That and the colorful scenery kept me coming back to this zone with each character I leveled up…

    There certainly have been some very nice things about Cata, haven’t there. =)

    • To be honest, Vash’jir is the only zone that made go “oooh” and “aah”. Hyjal was nice but somewhat familiar and Twilight Highlands looked it just came out of the Shire. I loved Uldum’s architecture but at the same time it felt like an extension of the desert from Tanaris. Deepholm was completely new and I liked it but I would’ve felt more involved in the zone if we didn’t just fly over everything for quests.

      In this regard, I’m really looking forward to Mists. There’s no flying until level cap which is great – and the visuals from the little I’ve seen are absolutely breathtaking! 🙂

  2. Goodmorning Saya, 🙂

    With the Launch of Cata, and the quest to get Server First 85, Vashj’ir was the starting area i choose. Felt like ages underwater slowly going from quest to quest. I loved the starting quest to the mid point, The last bit of Vashj’ir I didn’t like as much.

    I hadn’t stepped onto Hyjal till i started leveling my DK, and wasn’t impressed at all with it. Hyjal just reminded me of plain Azeroth.

    Deepholm I love and hated. Love the dark look of everything, hated that I camped for 2 weeks for the mount, and the day I go do a BH, someone else gets it. 😦

    Uldum was fun till the millions of cut scenes back to back. Did any of you do the quest to roll over gnomes? Or the Daily that reminded me of DonkyKong on gameboy, getting the hammer and smashing peoples left and right. Of all the quest in Cata, those 2 were by far my favorite and only ones i truly remember.

    Twilight was the same as Hyjal, didn’t bring anything special to me, other than the moment I Ding’d 85.

    • Vash’jir’s questing for me was definitely not the best lol – being underwater and running around trying to do stuff can get old. But visually it was just awesome to be around! 🙂

      I did the Katamari gnomebliteration quest hehe – it was fun. Uldum began to tank for me because the entire zone’s quests, save from the Tol’vir ones, became references to Harrison Jones and WW II. References happen once a in a while – so I suppose in Uldum’s case they had the entire questlines be remakes of those things. I skipped Uldum on every single alt I could.

  3. It took me two years before I could play Vash’jir, so I was grateful when you put up the screenshots. I just didn’t like being underwater =D

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