Patch 5.0.4: Discipline Priest Glyph Options


Glyphs have seen a bit of an overhaul this patch – gone are the days of three tier glyphs. We now only have major glyphs and minor glyphs to work with now, and can only activate three of each at the same time.

I found glyph choices so far to be quite interesting and like the talent choices, there seems to be no easy answer to what is “good” and what is “bad”. ย Here’s my take on discipline priest glyph options:

Major Glyphs:

This is a fantastic glyph to have all round. Now that atonement is going to be a standard part of our healing “rotation”, an instant Holy Fire can do wonders. It’s great for quickly stacking up Evangelism as well as being able to heal on the move.


Glyph of Penance is a fantastic example of having to give something up to get something.ย This glyph will probably get swapped in and out for me, depending on the fight and my mana situation.

Sure would’ve loved to have this one during last weekend’s heroic Hagara!


This is a toughie. On its surface, it seems like I wouldn’t need it – especially when we have spells like Spirit Shell that turn our healing into absorbs – so why would I want something that does the opposite?

Here’s why. Inherent healing from bubbling someone near death has often been key to saving them from dying. Furthermore, the crit from healing procced Divine Aegis, thus giving healers more room to save that raid member.

That said, this glyph will be a judgement call depending on whether fight mechanics have people brush with death often enough. For the time being, I foresee swapping this one out with the Penance one as the situation warrants.

Finally, an easy choice! The massive heals from the first charge of Prayer of Mending are awesome for giving tank heals a little extra boost without much effort.

In my experience I’ve found that more often than not I recast PoM before all charges are up.


This is a really interesting one. As a healing priest, I rarely use Fade in the raid environment and this glyph makes me rethink that. This glyph turns Fade into our very own defensive cooldown to keep around for the “oh poop” moments.

As a Disc priest, I already have trusty bubbles, Pain suppression and Desperate Prayer (or Angelic Bulwark) available. So this seems a little overkill for the time being – although keep in mind that these are designed for Mists. There’s still the possibility that ungodly damage will have me running to this one come September! ๐Ÿ™‚


Alright, I admit it. This one is a little meh – atleast for PvE. 3% of maximum health isn’t a whole lot in light of heavy damage situations, and remember that we can only choose 3 three major glyphs. Purify also now has an 8-second cooldown so that makes this glyph all the more meh. Next!


This is another interesting glyph – the movement speed bonus is nice but I think its utility is defeated by the fact that levitate cancels upon taking any kind of damage. Given our other compelling choices, this one doesn’t seem all that fantastic for the time being.


Finally, we have glyph of Smite which is an interesting option. Atonement and Holy Fire go hand in hand so the tough part in evaluating rests more on how much of our atonement healing will come from Smite.

20% extra heals are awesome but with the option of having Penance to increase our Evangelism stacks, it’s hard to say how much healing will come from Smite.

There is always, ofcourse, the circumstances of certain fights that will make this glyph more appealing than others – tight enrage timers with heroic Ultraxion come to mind, for example. It will ultimately fall on a personal decision taking into account the particular fight mechanics and personal healing style too see if this glyph is worth a major glyph slot.

Minor Glyphs: These are really cosmetic glyphs that are made for pure fun, so I really won’t go through all of them. I did, however, want to mention two that I found particularly fun to use as a priest! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mwahahahahaha! Oh excuse me, did I say that out loud? This one just seems awesome to use whether you’re RPing a priest or just have a slight ebil streak like me. ๐Ÿ™‚


Heck yes! This is another glyph I can’t wait to use. I suppose the effect would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “being on cloud nine!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Well that about wraps up my take on glyphs. So far I really like that major glyphs haven’t been easy decisions. Their choice really rests on a combination of things which includes looking at the fight mechanics, healing style, personal mana regen etc. In the meantime, I’m going to learn Glyph of Confession and see what deep dark secrets I can dig up! ๐Ÿ™‚ *rubs hands*

7 thoughts on “Patch 5.0.4: Discipline Priest Glyph Options

  1. Nice, if only I still played a priest.. lol I’d love to use Glyph of Confessions.. Im sure someone will created a interesting addon to use it with.

    As for Glyph of Fade, I can see it being very useful on progression fights where a known big AoE is about to happen. Yorsahj Red/Yellow phases, or the mass amount of damage from the beginning of Heroic Halfus.

    Believe almost every class now has some sort of defensive CD for things like that.. Make every healer happy..


    • Haha yes I’m looking forward to Glyph of Confession! Kinda kicking myself for not levelling my scribe >.<

      I did consider progression fights for Glyph of Fade but the catch is that takes up an entire major glyph slot for a defensive cooldown only for yourself. Comparing it with some of the other healing intensive glyphs like Smite makes me not entirely sure about it. But I think that's a good thing – I look forward to playing with it this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good point! I completely skipped that part hehe. That does make this glyph more attractive for sure. In the current context I still think that other major glyphs are more appealing for me at the moment – like Penance-on-the-move glyph, but this could certainly change in the MoP raids. Especially if those encounters have a lot of crazy movement going on.

  2. I’m assuming that for current content, and more most fights the standard glyph choices will be Glyph of Penance, Power Word: Shield, and Prayer of Mending?

    Regarding Glyph of Levitate, since its speed boost is effective after it falls off.. Would it be using for fights like Hagara Ice phase.(Current Content) and Lei Shi(MoP – Has a phase that constantly pushes raiders away)?

    If so, which of the standard glyphs would it be replacing?

    • For current content I would say the standard glyphs would be Glyph of Prayer of Mending and Glyph of Holy Fire – Holy Fires hits for a good chunk and making it instant is awesome for atonement healing.

      I consider Glyph of Penance situational since it increases the mana cost in exchange for the movement. For example, Glyph of Penance is near useless on heroic Yorsah’j and heroic Ultraxion – but it is priceless in heroic Blackhorn.

      The utility of Glyph of Levitate depends a lot on what you pick in the movement tier of the talents as well as the raid. Because Levitate gives a constant increase in movement speed, I can see how it will be useful for the frost phase in Hagara. The question is always is however, whether it is worth giving up a glyph slot such of Holy Fire or Penance just for a movement speed boost in a single phase.

      Something to note with Glyph of Levitate is that it only increases your movement speed by 15% and not any party/raid member you cast it on. When you put it on yourself with the glyph you get an additional buff – Path of the Devout which has the 15% increase speed. This doesn’t appear when you cast it on anyone else. This is where the trade-off becomes tricky – it becomes difficult to justify this glyph since the movement speed increase is personal versus other glyphs that benefit healing as well as the entire raid.

      I’m inclined to think that Glyph of Levitate might be more appealing in Lei Shi but I’m going to hold off commenting until I actually experience the fight ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. To me it would seem that the glyph is bugged? The Levitate can be cast on any target, but the glyph is only beneficial to the caster?

    After re-reading the glyph, the wording does say “your movement speed”, and not the “targets”..

    I’ll retract my previous statement, and call the glyph utterly worthless.. LOL. Spec’ing into Body and Soul is 100% better.

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