Memories of Theramore


I recently read the article by Anne Stickney over at WoW Insider on the history of Theramore, and it got me thinking about my own memories of Theramore from leveling in the pre-Cataclysm world.

Be warned that this post may make some references to upcoming story in Mists of Pandaria – so turn away now if you’d like to avoid spoilers!

It’s no secret that the horde has big plans for Theramore and Garrosh’s warmongering will finally push the otherwise fairly diplomatic city and its ruler over the edge. Theramore will, in essence, be gone and even though it wasn’t necessarily my top choice in questing zones, I have one quest I absolutely loved doing there.

Deserter Agitators

I have always enjoyed doing this quest simply because it really defined the atmosphere and was brimming with history. It was also fairly easy and convenient to do since you could pick it up right off the docks – and I almost always did it while leveling alts regardless if I spent time doing the rest of the zone. With Theramore’s destruction on the horizon, I found this particular quest to have much more significance.


Originally, before I learned of Theramore’s destruction, my response would be precisely what’s written there: “Traitorous Filth!” But now in light of the provocation by those very orcs, I have to reluctantly admit that these agitators have a fairly good point.  “Are you sick of being told to stay your blade while the orcs continue to provoke us?” Yes, yes I am.



Yes, this traitorous filth certainly has a very good point. What he calls cowardice, I call diplomacy – but the question remains the same: Did Jaina’s diplomatic ways invite trouble into Theramore? Should she have been more astute to what the leadership change in the horde meant for her city when Thrall stepped down?

Storytelling can come out in many different ways and in Cataclysm, a good part of it was in books and cut scenes. That’s fine, but I think there’s something special about when a quest all the way from Vanilla times can spring back to life so many years later under new circumstances.

As a fan of the Alliance, I can’t wait to see how all of this turns out! At this point, the words “the drums of war thunder once again” are echoing in my head. With Mists looking to bring back war to the Horde and Alliance, I’ll leave you with the original and my favourite of all cinematics…


3 thoughts on “Memories of Theramore

  1. I’d forgotten about this quest in the greater scheme of things, but I do remember doing it every time I happened to be questing in Dustwallow, and not really considering the politics behind it much other than that this dissenting group in Theramore was stirring up trouble. It’s fascinating to consider this now though, with the destruction of Theramore on the horizon.

    I’m no lore buff when it comes to Jaina, so I’m not sure if Theramore is her ancestral home and she inherited it as part of a noble bloodline, or even how the eff she got to be the leader there in the first place, but considering the strategic importance of Theramore as the Alliance’s closest foothold to the Horde’s seat of power, I’m curious why she was put/left in power there with her clearly neutral stand on war between the two factions. A bloodthirsty leader wouldn’t be any good either of course, but a leader who isn’t afraid to take a stand and prepare for war seems the more likely choice.

    I doubt Jaina is actually afraid to fight of course; but looking at it from the view of a soldier fighting for her/his home and beliefs, Jaina’s reluctance to take advantage of Theramore’s strategic placement takes on a totally new aspect – it’d be easy to assume she’s a coward and/or is not fit to lead. With that in mind, this quest is not only absolutely intriguing, but it’s practically bursting at the seams with the feelings of the common folk of the Alliance. They’re afraid, and they want someone to take action, someone strong to champion their cause. It’s sometimes easy to pass them by without understanding the full impact, but I absolutely love awesome quests out there like this one! They provide such a rich background for the events of Azeroth, and are sadly often overlooked I think.

    Thanks for pointing this out – I’d never have connected it with the impending events with Theramore. So cool!

    I always love that first cinematic for WoW too – it gives me chills. There’s a reason I’ve played this game for so long. =)

    • The article I linked by Anne has a decent amount of history on how Jaina came to rule Theramore. Long story short, I believe she ended up the ruler after she had to betray her father – they had very different on dealing with the orcs.

      It’s interesting to note that when this quest was put in, it was Vanilla and Jaina in Theramore was fairly recent. People’s feelings then were that they disliked Jaina’s diplomacy and missed the more aggressive nature of her father, Daelin Proudmoore. Fast forward to today, it’s the same fear put into context of Garrosh’s actions and leadership, which is what I found interesting. 🙂

      I agree – these kinds of quests provide so much history on Azeroth in just a few lines. I love finding stuff like this too. 🙂

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