Professions Dilemma


All was well in the land of gnomes and healing until I heard the word Bling-tron. It sounds awesome and epic and I want it.

Alright, let me start over. My gnome priest is currently my raiding main. She is a jewelcrafter and an enchanter. I’ve been keeping up with how professions will be turning out in Mists and I didn’t think I’d want to change her professions until I saw the shinies that engineering had in store. With rocket mounts and goggles and portals and the mighty Bling-tron, it looks fantastic in Mists. This brings me to my current dilemma: should I drop one of my professions for engineering? And if so, which one should it  be?

I can certainly see arguments for both sides – one part of me says “keep your current professions!” while the other goes “embrace engineering and all its shinies!” There are certainly arguments to be made for both sides and to see them more clearly, I’m breaking them down.

Reasons to keep my current professions

Convenience: Jewelcrafting and Enchanting are both solid professions for any raider. The bonuses are nice sure, but there’s also something to be said for the convenience of being able to easily enchant and gem your own gear without having to hit up the auction house.

JC Perks: The JC perk has slightly changed in Mists to be limited to only 2 of the jewelcrafter gems rather than 3. They are still a nice stat boost to have early on. The big addition to jewelcrafting thus far though, is the array of panther mounts such as the Dawnstone Panther that we will be able to craft.

Image Credit: Wowhead

These will most certainly be rare and incredibly expensive to craft but as an avid mount collector, it’s hard to ignore this particular perk. Unlike some of the engineering mounts that require a certain level of engineering skill to use (flying machines), it looks like these mounts can be used by anyone.

Enchanting: I will be honest here, there isn’t much about this one so far that I’m excited about. There are the usual ring enchants that are awesome, and a couple weapon glows that look cool. But none of these make me hop up and be excited about the profession.

The one thing enchanting has going for it though is that is incredibly convenient on so many levels. I’ve gotten used to being able to enchant my own gear and not having to hit up the auction house every time I get a new piece. Being able to DE items also helps ease my ever-increasing need for bagspace. I’m completely serious about that one – with a bank and void storage and all my bags I’m still running low on space so it’s a bit of a concern to me.

Expense: The final reason for keeping my current professions has nothing to with the professions themselves and everything to do with gold. Engineering, even as a gnome, is incredibly expensive to level and work on. Most people I know who I’ve talked to engineering about describe it as “painful”. It will no doubt cost a small fortune to level this profession and I should think about whether I’d want to spend on leveling engineering or perhaps buying an awesome mount for myself instead.

Reasons to pick up engineering

Goodies and Shinies: Engineering is chock full of fun toys and gadgets. The tinkers for Mists look really fun with Watergliding Jets among others. Other awesome things engineers will be able to craft include Mist-piercing goggles, rocket mounts and ofcourse, the Blingtron.

Convenience: Engineering has a different kind of convenience than enchanting and it’s really appealing to me. Jeeves really tops the list – having a mobile bank is fantastic and really, who doesn’t want their own private butler?

The portable mailbox is another awesome feature to have when you’re out in the middle of nowhere or in a dungeon and your bags are full. *ahem* I’m also tempted by the various transportation perks that come with engineering. In Mists, engineers will have access to a wormhole to Pandaria in addition to all the other locations thus far.


I’m still not sure which way I’m going to go on this one. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep my Jewelcrafting regardless so if anything had to go, it would be enchanting. Engineering seems to have a quirky sense of fun that enchanting severely lacks, whereas enchanting’s practical convenience is difficult to ignore. So here’s where I ask my readers, you, to share your insight.  Are you an engineer? Do you think its worth it for the fun at the end? And on a broader note, are you reconsidering professions on your mains before Mists comes out?


4 thoughts on “Professions Dilemma

  1. This very subject has come up for me as well over the last few months. I have the same two professions you do and was thinking about whether I wanted to drop one for ENG. That was before all the Mists stuff came out and one of the main reasons for me was the gadgets, mounts and even the ENG only overalls you can wear 😛

    I know, me and my outfits/costumes. LOL. I decided to switch my pali to ENG instead as she is my BE twin when I need certain armour types other than cloth. You’re right though, the new toys, etc coming are very tempting.

    • Haha that’s interesting you had similar thoughts! Another thing that’s currently in engineering’s favour is that my racial as a gnome gives it a neat little boost. I think I would find that really nice while levelling it up during Mists – gives it a head start kinda. But yeah I don’t quite know which way to go yet….decisions decisions! 🙂

  2. You’ve hit the dilemma right smack on it’s big nose. One thing to consider is which to have on your main toon. Engineering has great perks and is fun, which is suiting for a main, while enchanting is something best done from the quiet comfort of an Inn in Dalaran (an alts hangout).

    Enchanting is definitely a convenience profession, as you said. It’s great for a secondary character which you would keep top level, but probably not top geared. Having them around to send extra greens for disenchanting is a huge plus for your bag space, and then collecting rare recipes for profit or fun is an added bonus. So it’s good, but not necessarily a great choice for your main toon / raider.

    Yes, engineering can be expensive to level but there are some new recipes that make it a bit easier to level than before. All said, go for engineering on your main and keep enchanting for another character =)

    • Oh very interesting! I hadn’t thought about it from a main vs alt perspective.

      You do have a point that all the neat toys and gadgets of engineering only get used on a character that’s being played a fair amount. That would indeed be my main since I do all the achievement chasing on her. And enchanting on the other hand doesn’t seem to lose any of its convenience when its on an alt as opposed to a main.

      Lots to think about – thanks for your input! 🙂

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