Rest and Relaxation in Azeroth


My schedule has mostly settled into a nice predictable routine with the onset of summer. I raid on the weekends, and I get zombified during the week. The zombification is mostly happening because piano has now kicked into high gear for the last couple months and after memorising new pieces, practicing and rehearsing the performance pieces, I mostly look and feel like a zombie at the end of the day.

But that doesn’t stop me from playing WoW – oh no! It has however, led me to write off raiding on my alts and discover how rest and relaxation works in Azeroth. Here are a few of my favourite activities to do on weeknights to kick up my feet, unwind…and basically not use my brain as much as I can.

1. Fishing

Nothing really beats this slow-paced profession. It’s fantastic to just chill and not chase a mob or hyperventilate over the tank’s health. You cast, you click, you loot. The best part about fishing is that you can approach in many different ways.

You can either fish up schools of random fish and sell them for a tidy profit at the auction house or alternatively, turn them into well-fed food for an even higher profit. The perk is that you have a chance to fish up a Sea Turtle while you’re at it!

Another way to go is to simply fish in open water in Cataclysm areas to help fish up some Lavascale Catfish for your raid’s Seafood Feasts. The designated cook in the raid will be sure to thank you for catching those elusive creatures.

If fishing and eating is not your thing, there are always interesting achievements to chase such as fishing up Ironjaw in Ironforge or catching some shinies for the Coin Achievement in the Dalaran Fountain.

2. Archaeology

If you’re in the mood to get stuff done, then yes, this is the most frustrating profession to do. However, if you need a mental break and are just looking to relax while occasionally digging, this is a fantastic alternative.

Archaeology is incredibly slow-paced and watching the views as you fly from digsite to digsite is a treat. Sometimes, I get nostalgic about Northrend and at those times, archaeology is a great way to head up there and fly around from zone while digging up possibly cool stuff. Who knows, you might get lucky and dig up something nice and shiny!

3. Potion of Treasure Finding

Sometimes, the best way to chill out and let loose is simply to go rawr-smash at things and watch them die at your awesome power. No need to know complex rotations or maximise your DPS this time – sometimes all you need to do is look at them and sneeze and watch the mobs die – which is how I like it at the end of a long and tiring day. Even better, when you get a little extra out of the whole deal. Potion of Treasure Finding gives your rawr-smash-me-time a little bit of oomph. You can either buy it at the auction house or make it yourself if you’re an alchemist.

Here’s how it works:

-Empty bags and head to your favourite Cata zone with a group of mobs.

-Pop the potion and unleash the rawr-smash in you.

-Pick up lots of shinies.

I did this the other day in Twilight Highlands and as a healer, it was great to switch it up and kill stuff for once. I managed to get quite a few chests of treasure, a bunch of greens which come in handy for enchanting mats, loads of cloth and other random profession mats like ore. Fun times.

What is your favourite way to relax and wind down in Azeroth?


3 thoughts on “Rest and Relaxation in Azeroth

  1. I’m a little weird. When I log in all stressed and fed up, the first thing I do is join the random battleground queue. After a night of wiping on progression raids, I’d do a couple of battlegrounds to calm down before logging. Not sure why, but throwing people off the Lumber Mill or penancing their face always helps me relax.

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