Healing Perspectives: Crash Course on Dragon Soul


So I’ve been on the hunt for a good guild and a good group of people to raid with. I have a trial run on Friday with what seems to me to be a fantastic group of folks whose raid philosophy I really agree with. However, it’s been ages since I’ve healed a normal raid before…nevermind as a super short gnome.

I’ve done Dragon Soul on normal but it’s been a while and everything’s fuzzy. You know what they say – the best way to learn something is to explain it out to others. So this is my crash course/recap for anyone who is recently returning to game and is looking to heal normal mode Dragon Soul. Mind you this is very much a healer’s quick cheatsheet version of what to be aware of – for more indepth details on mechanics/strats feel free to hit up any of the links in the resources section. Time to take down some internet dragons! Rawr! Oh yeah….I’m also going to give these bosses some cool names/titles just to make things entertaining here.

Morchok the Muffinman

Phases: Crystal Phase, Black Goo phase.

-Heal through Stomp’s AoE damage.

-Soak up and heal through Crystals.

-Get behind pillars during the black goo phase.





Phases: Ping-pong phase, Black Phase
-Be sure to move with your group to ping pong the void ball.

-Dispel Disrupting Shadows but make sure that folks are topped off before doing so.

-Co-ordinate cooldowns with other healers during the Black Phase.



Yor’sahj the Skittle Eater

Phases: Ooze-killing part, Ooze absorbing part.

-Stack when any of the following colours are absorbed: Black, Red, and Yellow.

-Spread apart from the raid when Green is absorbed.

-Alternate between heavy AoE healing during the ooze absorption phase, and getting back some mana while the damage dealers are off killing the oozes.

-Use cooldowns for the final burn phase.

Hungry Hagara (I guess I thought of Haggis when I first saw her name…)

Phases: Main phase, Lightning phase, Ice Phase

-When players are tombed in ice, they can be healed only heals that do not have an LoS requirement. AoE, Atonement, Tranquility etc all fit the bill. Use these if possible to buy the dps more time in breaking down the tombs.

-Be ready to heal up players who are freed with some hard hitting heals.

-Form the lightning chain with others, and use cooldowns to deal with raid-wide damage.

-During the Ice Phase, avoid the frost shards of doom at all costs.

-Use movement increase benefits like kitty dash, ghost wolf, body and soul etc.

Ultraxion the Unending (always feels like he takes forever die…)

For this fight, notice your Heroic Will ability – an extra button that appears when Ultraxion is engaged.

-Use your Heroic Will ability when you have Fading Light on you – a good time to hit it is when there’s about 3 seconds left to go on your debuff.

-Use your Heroic Will ability to avoid the Hour of Twilight.

-Pick up your assigned healing crystals when it spawns and heal like no tomorrow – Ultraxion is on a very tight enrage timer and losing a single DPS on close fights could mean a wipe.

Warmaster Blackhorn

-Stack with the raid and absorb Twilight Onslaught.

-With a second raid member, absorb Twilight Barrage.

-Avoid dark purple void zones on the ship.

-Stay away from the Vyrkul adds’ charge.

-Avoid the Warmaster’s Shockwave.


Spine of Deathwing

-AoE heal the raid-wise damage from Bloods and Amalgamations.

-Stack with the raid at the assigned tendril/void zone to avoid Deathwing’s Barrel Roll.






Phase 1: Platforms and adds, Phase 2: Elementium Terrors

-Co-ordinate cooldowns with your healers to tackle Impale on tanks.

-Heal AoE damage from Bloods and Tentacles.

-Stay away from the spot the Elementium Bolt will land.

-When Phase 2 hits, land hard hitting heals on the tanks – they will take intense damage from Elementium Terrors.

-Be prepared to use the Dream button if you are targetted by Shrapnel.

-Pop throughput and defensive cooldowns to deal with increasing raid damage.


Happy Healing!

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