Going Gnome!


I came to a decision recently. My priest is now an awesome gnome. “Gno Wai!” you may say…and I respond “Ah but yes! Gno regrets!” Ahem. Seriously though, I’ve made a return to my priest – my other main – and I’m giving her a fresh start with a new a race and a new server. Now, in all my four years or Warcraftery, this is the first time I’ve made any serious main a gnome. It partly has to do with the fact that there weren’t any gnome healers back then but it more has to do with their tiny stature, and the squished gear look on them.

It took me all these years to warm up to gnomes and when I finally looked underneath all the /punt jokes and the squished armour, I found an adorable, optimistic race . Here are my 5 reasons to go gnome!

1. Cuteness

Let’s face it, gnomes are the quintessential chibis. They’re tiny and possibly the most cartoony of all the races in my opinion. For someone who has mostly played draeneis, night elves and blood elves, this comes as a huge change. Gnomes don’t quite have the tummy-bearing ability of any of these races, none of the big boobs, and nothing close to the famous draenei waggle.

But that’s just it – gnomes are cute and adorable in a I-want-to-take-home-a-plushie-of-this-and-hug-it-to-death kind of way. In a way, it’s a bit of a relief from the overly sexualised females of draeneis and blood elves. It’s just plain cuteness every time – although don’t let it fool you in a battleground!

2. Optimism

New Tinkertown

Gnomes are often considered the comic relief of WoW which I agree with – they have a great sense of humour. Unfortunately, the /punt jokes can often obscure what I think to be one of the best qualities of this race. I thought about their story seriously for a second, and realised they’re probably the most optimistic well-natured folk on Azeroth. They’re at a huge disadvantage in size compared to everyone else, they haven’t had their own capital city in the longest time, and their last attempt at retaking it failed miserably. Mekkatorque should be worried about reelection if you ask me.

And yet, these guys take on life with a smile and a cheerful attitude. They make jokes and greet travelers cheerfully, all the while coming up with the next far-fetched gadget that promises to be the greatest invention ever. I’m convinced that players have a close emotional attachment to their mains and looking forward to logging in is a huge deal. Personally, I’ve changed over the years and I’m at the point now where I’d like a character who can cheer me up even when I have the world’s worst cold. Gnomes are fantastic at bringing along some humour and looking at the bright side.

“It could’ve been worse! Atleast he didn’t turn into a trogg!”

3. Engineering Boost


This profession is infamous for being expensive and tedious to level, with the reward of being a huge money sink. Despite having some of the neatest toys and gadgets, the sheer cost of levelling this profession is daunting to say the least. That is, unless you’re a gnome. The nice +15 skill point boost makes it perfectly clear that tinkering is in your tiny limbs and nothing shall come between you and the mighty Automatic-Dinnerotron 2000! Boy I’d love to have one of those right about now.

Ofcourse, you’re not going to be much taller than Jeeves himself. But hey, you can always levitate for those extra couple inches!

4. Pew-pew animation

Pew pew!

The casting animation for offensive spells simply looks awesome on a gnome. I had a chance to try it out on my alt mage but I never really was sold until I used Penance on people. Quite simply, it looks like pew pew healing lasers of awesomeness shooting out of my hands! It’s just another fun aspect that added to playing a gnome healer.

5. Haircuts

I’m serious! I love the new hairstyles that were recently introduced and I think they’re particularly well-done for gnomes. You have everything right from varying kinds of ponytails to the cutsey bangs with stiff pigtails, all the way to the outright funky hairstyles. To top it off, you’ve got all kinds of hair colours to match every shade of your wardrobe.

I mean really, how can one resist that? 

So there you have it, gnome all the way. Badass heals in a tiny package! I sometimes think back to the times I mind controlled unsuspecting gnomes off the lumber mill cliff in Arathi Basin…and only one scenario can really top that one for me: this tiny gnome priest mind controlling this big ol’ tauren/orc offa the lumber cliff! I am a gnome – hear me roar!

7 thoughts on “Going Gnome!

  1. I’ve been trying to roll a gnome for a really long time. I like the race, but for some reason I can’t seem to connect with it – I think I’ve rolled a gnome priest about half a dozen times across the servers I play on, but still nothing. Bummer, too, because they’re awesome in battlegrounds!

    • Haha yeah I can totally relate to that. If someone had said “Hey Saya, go gnome” to me about a year ago I’d have thought them pretty crazy 🙂 I think they’re one of those races that kinda grow on you over time. Unlike night elves, which was and always will be my favourite race hands down, gnomes had to work their way up there!

  2. It took me a while to adjust to mine but now I can’t imagine playing any other race but gnome as a Priest. The emotes are adorable and calling hulking Orc warriors /chicken is priceless in PvP. Being small is handy too both for hiding in bushes (when said Orcs are looking for something to smash) and being the same size as your mini-pets.

    My Monk is going to be a Gnome as well!

    • I’m totally taking notes on those PvP tips 🙂 I’m still getting used to their height to be honest – I often lose her in the huge crowd of raiders in LFR and sometimes cast Prayer of Mending just so I know where she is! >.<

      Ooo I haven't really thought about my monk yet….but I think watching a gnome monk kick the crap out of something twice its size with their tiny bare fists will be nothing short of epic!

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