MoP: Things I’m Stoked About


Recently, I haven’t had much to say. I haven’t been raiding ever since our raiding group retired and fact of the matter is, raiding is how I enjoy WoW. That coupled with the fact that Cataclysm hasn’t really been fantastic in my eyes led me to wonder if I would even be playing this game come Mists. With the recent press release however, I’ve come across loads of information that have me rethinking that part. Here are the things I’m stoked about in Mists…

1. Tree form!!

I swear I had a little tear of happiness when I heard that we could be trees again if we wanted to. Don’t judge me! I think it’s interesting that it comes full circle – when I started this blog it was somewhat inspired by the loss of tree form and how I felt the need to express myself. *Ahem*

Perma-treeform is making a return with Glyph of the Treant, thus making it optional for anyone who would like to be a tree again. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it – I suppose Cataclysm has somewhat made me a little cynical and distrustful of Blizzard’s decisions. But, if they’re listening and turning things around, which it seems like they are, I’m so in.

There are other glyphs such as Glyph of the Stag and the Orca glyph that are awesome for druids too but tree form was really the one that made a big difference to me as resto. All in all, I’m happy to see the amount of druid love coming our way in MoP.

2. Challenge Mode Dungeons
I am really excited about this one because it introduces a really good challenge at the 5-man level. Challenge modes are in essences races against time and in the past when dungeons have been cleared relatively quickly, its usually because the players overgear them. Challenge mode changes that as their page states:

Your gear will be normalized, meaning that instead of your own equipment you will be fighting using a set of items that’s appropriate for the instance.”

Much more of “bring the player” philosophy going on here which I love, and the best part is that rewards for completing challenge modes come in the form of special transmoggable armour sets. I can look cute you say? Count me in.

3. Monks
As the abilities come trickling out, this class seems to have a really interesting style as far as healing goes. I’m curious to try them out and see how it plays out. I think this is the first expansion where we get a new class that can heal. It’ll be a refreshing change from the standard four we’re used to, so I’m really excited to give it a shot.

Before closing I do want to say something about the new talents since I’m not entirely against them and neither am I stoked enough about them to put them on that list up there. I’ve seen arguments from both sides – those who love them and those who hate them and I understand where both views are coming from.

I think an important point to note here is that we’re moving away from the traditional view where talents have been the defining factor of playstyle. In the older talent models, talents and specialisations were one and the same thing. In fact, the only way to choose a specialisation was to put in talent points. In MoP, they’re getting a divorce if you will. The defining feature of your role is your specialisation alone, while the talents simply enhance that by making it more customised to your personal preference.

I’m still on the fence about the new system in the sense that I’m not entirely sure it will “work as intended”, and we might see one talent coming out on top over the others. But beta has a while to go and hopefully those kinds of issues will be ironed out. What I am excited however, is the choice. If I don’t want Incarnation, I don’t have to take it – I can take something else that gives me a healing boost instead. I think that’s fantastic because we haven’t seen that kind of choice with end point talents in a while. In the past it was very much a scenario of “don’t like how penance looks? too bad – that’s all you get” or ” don’t like being a tree? too bad”….and now that will changing to “don’t like being a tree on cooldown? Ok – here are your other two options” which I think is an improvement.

So these are my thoughts on MoP thus far. I’m still waiting on my beta invite although I’m not in hurry to get in. (Egads, I can’t believe I said that). I have a lot on my mind both in rl as well as WoW – one of which is finding a new group to raid with if I do end up wanting to play in MoP. But hey, atleast this time around I’ll get to be a tree!

What are you looking forward to Mists of Pandaria?

2 thoughts on “MoP: Things I’m Stoked About

  1. I'm super stoked as well! Though I'm afraid that I won't get to play MoP much because I'll be starting grad school in the fall, but I signed up for the annual pass so I'm in it until next year no matter what, ha. Anyway, here's my list since I don't have a blog to post on:

    1. The feel of MoP: I loved Vanilla for the exploration and adventuring feel and I'm really excited that they are getting back to that and focusing on that for an expansion. Also I love green zones that are just fun places to be in and so all the art we've seen so far has me really excited.

    2. The continuation of “you don't need to be in a raid guild to do raid things”: since my guild previously has disbanded and I just can't find myself able to make new friends, LFR and dungeons are my fav right now and I'm very happy that they are continuing to put in new things for people who love the challenge/mindset of raiding but don't have the time.

    3. Farming! I was a huge Harvest Moon fan in my youth and am stoked to get to farm, I might switch to herbalism/alchemy just to get to farm herb nodes! (Which is saying a lot since I've been a skinner/lw since I rolled my main).

    4. Updated forms: I love orcas 😀 I'm going to swim everywhere just for the chance to be an orca lol.

    5. Scenarios: I don't know what they are yet since they haven't really been explained well, but I hope that they are something like the rifts in Rift because I loooove those things and they break up questing so nicely.

    Thanks for letting me brain dump on your comments 😀

    Steamwheedle Cartel

  2. Ooo that's quite the list! =) Thanks for the reply! As for playing WoW while going to grad school – I ended up actually getting into it more when I was in grad school lol. So you never know =P I think it made for a really good way to vent and relax so grad school didn't drive me crazy XD

    I've heard about farms and I'm thinking of switching my second profession back to herbalism too as that's what it was originally XD

    I'm holding out on scenarios too – you're right on with the rifts analogy. I liked that there was something to just jump right into without being an organisational nightmare XD So I'm hoping these turn out to be something similar!

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