The Joy of PvPing as a Discipline Priest


In my previous post I mentioned the end of Firelands for me had me twiddling my thumbs as what to do next. Let’s be honest here – I’m just really glad Firelands is over. I haven’t really got any significant pieces of gear whatsoever – and the only real upgrade I got this tier cost me all the gold in my bank. Staff of Smoldering Purity…. why that elusive little… the universe has deemed that it will drop for all the world but me. *deep breath*

Well, what better way to let out disappointment than to mercilessly and ruthlessly bring down the opposing faction! I know I know….this is largely a druid blog and I usually keep things focused but really…being an ebil discipline priest can be just…so…fun…!

 I am the terror that flaps in the night….
I am the unkillable healer who gets out of your line of sight….
Mind Control….

Where do I even begin with this one… it tops the reasons of why the opposing team wants me dead. You haven’t lived until you’ve mind controlling folks off a cliff. But in all honestly, it doesn’t end there. I mean, once you start it’s just so hard to stop! Mind Controlling folks off the cliff in Lumber Mill (Arathi Basin) is the classic version in my mind, and lately I’ve begun to mind control unsuspecting paladins, priests and hunters into pretty much any area that is inconvenient to get out of. I’m thinking off the flag base to the side in Eye of the Storm…. or even people into water so it’s difficult to get back into the fight…or even bring back that mage who just blinked out of our melee. The possibilities are endless.

Mind control is a fantastic way to thin out numbers against you if it’s really close, or simply even buy time for the team. It’s one of those really unique moments of being a priest and it makes me smile even during a losing battle.

Levitate down to the rescue!

Yep – parachutes are for those who cannot walk on air at will! Levitate is a fantastic spell in battlegrounds such as Eye of the Storm and Arathi Basin where you can heroicly glide down from one base to the other….say Lumber Mill -> Blacksmith -> Gold Mine… and be the true mobile healer! It’s also useful for walking on water on occasion when an inconvenient typhoon or thundershock pushes you into nearby water bodies.

Playing Target Dummy

It’s no secret that healers in pvp have this certain…..attractiveness about them. And what I mean here is the oh-so-common reaction of: “OMG HEALER!! KILL NOW!!” Now let’s double that zeal given that we’re ‘squishy’ cloth wearers. Hehe….’squishy’. It happens all the time – and sometimes, its exactly what our group needs. On more than one occasion, I’ve been the target of many a omg-must-kill — only to have the rest of the team cap flags, assault bases and what have you while the opposing team was too busy trying to kill me to notice.

Discipline comes with some amazing survivability options cycling between Pain Suppression, Desperate Prayer etc., that can make killing us a long and drawn out affair. So yeah, bring on the love!

Dispelling Demon

I was chatting earlier today with my tank buddy about how I pvp as a Discipline priest and I noted that dispels (both offensive and defensive) are just as if not more important than solid healing. I admit I can’t ever dispel everything but certain dispels tend to make more of a difference than others. The easy ones are dispelling snares and roots on people while the team is on the move. (I’m picturing Strand of the Ancients and running after those demos).

The other side of this ofcourse is where Mass Dispel is the star of the show. Still reigning supreme, Mass Dispel can either undo an entire frost nova from a mage or better still, dispel inconvenient bubbles and iceblocks if placed right. Now that’s where the fun is!

Leap of Faith

This one took a little bit for me to get used to since its a new spell at level 85. There’s no general way to talk about this so here are two scenarios where I ended up using this successfully. The first time was when I was in Warsong Gulch with the flag carrier, waiting on the second level to the cap the flag. We were attacked ofcourse, with only two people up top and the rest of their attack team below. Somehow, the carrier got pushed down the lowest level while I stayed above. The two who were attacking us above followed to take part in the kill. And then, I out of the blue decided to pull the flag carrier up to the higher level where I was. The rest of the team cursed as they had to run back around to reach the higher level…and I bought myself a couple precious seconds to dispel and heal the poor carrier back up.

The other time I’ve used Leap of Faith is to pull someone out of a sea of red baddies beating them up. It didn’t feel quite that epic until I did it at a random Battle for Gilneas fight earlier today. We were defending a base and it was a tough battle. The mage was doing their best at killing, kiting and blinking out of danger. A deathknight suddenly Death Gripped her just as she blinked away from the melee moments ago and yeah, I swear a saw a little bubble over his head saying “Haha squishy little mage! You are mine!” And then I, despite the fact that noone was around, responded “No mine!!” and lifegripped her out of the circle of melee doom. I think the mage needed a moment after that.

I started out this post sharing my frustration over a certain staff and Keredria shares similar frustrations — so I just want to say, I feel your pain! *sniff* Thankfully, pvping is a great way for me to have some fun and interestingly, it always makes me feel better about my terrible luck with raid drops this tier. I can’t say I do arenas or even rated battlegrounds at the moment….and I can’t even claim to be very good at pvp! But boy is it fun – and thats what really counts doesn’t it. Alright….time to Mind Control someone off a cliff…


2 thoughts on “The Joy of PvPing as a Discipline Priest

  1. If you play on a PvP server, you can also mind control people in the air. It's great for pulling them down to the ground and getting them ganked by rogue friends or anyone who can stun them up when they land.

    The best use for Leap of Faith I've encountered so far is pulling semi afk flag carriers into the capping position when the flag gets returned and they don't move.

    Hope those fickle Gods of RNG favour you more in the next tier.

  2. Ooo mind controlling in the air sounds fun!

    I used your suggestion regarding Leap of Faith for pulling flag carriers yesterday and it worked great XD The flag carrier wasn't afk but he was being feared and generally kept away from capping. So I jumped into position, dispelled and pulled him to the capping position for the winning cap =P Thanks for the tip!

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