Five Reasons to Roll a Goblin

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So Firelands has finally come to a close for me and I found myself somewhat twiddling my thumbs as to what to do next. Finding things that were fun were really a bit of a challenge for me this tier given my disappointment in the raid, but I did eventually discover two things that brought back the life and giggles I missed: the first is pvping as  Disc priest (which warrants a post of its own and will be out soon!); and the second is the pure hilarity and fun of goblins.

The goblin story, their personalities and hell, everything about them really is quirky and giggle-worthy. And it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to join their party. It’s all about the money baby! Cha-ching!! Their starting area is hands down the best one I’ve seen thus far and their quirky little humour is a refreshing change to our current world of death and sadness. If you haven’t rolled a goblin by the end of this post, your money back! Guaranteed! *Low voice and super fine print ensue* Return is subject to terms and conditions. This offer is not available in all regions of Azeroth. *giggle*


Yes this is my first reason and hey, I think it’s a totally valid one! It’s no secret that goblins are all about explosions, rockets and stuff that generally go boom. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the questing area is filled with things of that nature. I mean, who doesn’t want to fly around in rocket boots??

And rockets….yes….I did mention rockets…

2) Personal Banker

The Hobgoblin is your personal banker for all your needs and can be summoned every thirty minutes. While the equivalents can be obtained with Jeeves from engineering or the Argent Tournament Dailies (bleh), this spell really warms my heart since Gobber is actually someone from the starting zone. Gone are the days of trudging around with bags full of offspec gear!

Speaking of buddies from the starting area of Kezan….

3) Creative Totems

I admit that the title of this post says reasons to roll a goblin and not really goblin shaman, but it would be just wrong not to show off these awesome totems! These are probably the most creative and entertaining totems I have seen. For the first time since the removal of shaman class quests, I could hardly wait to level up and see what my new totem looked like!

4) The Crazy Alchemist

You don’t have to be an engineer to have a knack for explosions! With  Better Living Through Chemistry, the gift of alchemy makes playing goblins… a….blast…. XD And there’s nothing quite like brewing up awesomeness while in a tropical paradise…

5) Fantastic mounts and story

I found the goblin storyline really interesting and it seemed to be the only starting area that kept a less serious tone throughout despite the catastrophic events that led to their inclusion into the Horde. Comparing it to the troll starting area in which I was practically bawling at the end, the goblin starting area struck a good balance between keeping the tone humorous while still drawing me into the story.

Goblins don’t have a whole lot of luck when they start out unfortunately – places they land on inevitably get blown up. Oh, the irony.

And as for the mount – it’s an awesome Trike!

Goblins get a whole lot of other aptly named racials I haven’t really mentioned here such as Time is Money, Rocket Barrage and Best Deals Anywhere! And if you’re not convinced on the shaman, the stealth animation for rogues might do it. Goblins are fun to play regardless of these racial perks – they make for great RP storylines including something as simple as a bank alt/auctioneer. Why yes, my hordeside goldmaker happens to be a goblin!

Most important of all, they came across as incredibly fun to play.


One thought on “Five Reasons to Roll a Goblin

  1. Yes yes and yes! XD hehehe, very entertaining gobby post <3 I felt like you pretty much captured the essence of goblins with the KABOOM there. *nod*

    But seriously, omg, yes gobbies are so much fun! As a fan of gnomes, I was a little slow to take to the goblins at first, but they are SO much in the same vein of awesomeness and quirky giggly coolness… actually, don't ever tell anyone I said this! But… gobbies are even cooler than gnomes. I absolutely adored the gobby starting zone – the little friends that keep popping up kept me giggling the whole time, and just the overall silliness of the quests was so fun. <3 And HEY, I noticed you didn't mention Sassy at all. *sniff* She's the bestest...

    I remember oooing and ahhing over those totems when I first saw them… so awesome! It's seriously worth playing a goblin shaman just to see them. I can't wait to try out my new goblin rogue for her stealth animation too. It's so adorable! XD

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