Tier 12: Why Nerfs Missed the Mark

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Warning: I am pretty damn annoyed, so this post might be ranty. Enter at your own risk.

When nerfs to Firelands were announced, I was one of the few who was welcoming them. Progress in Firelands was slow, but steady for us. And with only doing four hours of raiding per week, I thought we were doing fine for the most part. Many of the bosses required near-perfect execution and mistakes were very unforgiving. With a dozen kills and no loot (hello RNG), I was decently ticked off enough to say “hey bring on the nerfs!”

Today was my first raiding experience post-nerfs and you know what?  I take it back. I take it all back. Give me back my un-nerfed world.

It didn’t really hit home for me until we did Baleroc today.

We went in with our usual rotation for the DPS and heals. Sometimes, as it happens, the rotation gets a bit messed up but hey, stuff happens.We started  out and things slowly began to unravel. The dps rotation went to hell pretty much actually. There are usually two or three dps tanking the shards and the first time there were somehow five. If I thought that was bad, there was more to come.

We somehow were sticking to the heal dance while utter chaos ensued. Noone knew who was taking the next shard, and as a healer, I was rather confused by the ridiculous target switching. (Why did someone move out with only 6 stacks?) And then came the kicker. Apparently, there was noone near the new shard to pick it up and so guess who it picked? Me. A healer. It had never happened before and frankly it took me a moment to get over my horror and type out “hey we might have to wipe, I got tormented.”

However, there were more surprises to be had. My debuff eventually went away and we continued healing.

And then, he died. I’m not kidding. He died. With the ridiculous amount of chaos, screw ups and everything else that went down, we still killed him. Cause for celebration? One would think so. But I was not celebrating. Just the weekend before, us healers had an amazing amount of fun executing our heal strategy well, and were thrilled when everyone did their part and got him down. And this week, well, sloppy chaos is what got him down.I found myself wishing we had wiped.

I was pretty damn angry at this. Heck, it made me sick to my stomach. I was surprised at my reaction because, afterall here I was welcoming the nerfs not so long ago. Who would’ve guessed though, that facerolling a boss with the utmost sloppiness was even less fun that wiping to him to a single mistake as it was the week before. We put thought into our rotation, and we had fun doing it. If we screwed up, we wiped, dusted off, and did it right the next time. And now, well, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore does it.

The reasoning behind the nerfs was to make the fights more accessible to people, and this included folks who don’t have a whole lot of raiding time. I, for example, only raid 4 hours a week. I assumed that these nerfs were meant for folks like me to give us a bit of a progression nudge. But they’ve unfortunately missed the mark. They took the fun out of it for me today.

Is this me being burnt out? Maybe. I seriously did consider hanging up my gloves after this — this is not what I signed up for. And n my initial annoyance, I actually thought they should’ve upped the difficulty instead of reducing it. HA! We truly do go to extremes when we’re upset – and I really didn’t mean that thing about increasing difficulty. But it certainly does seem that Blizzard swings in extremes too. I fail to see the need for completely trivialising the boss. Making it so the boss forgives one raid mistake instead of none as it used to is a far cry from allowing a boss to be downed by the sloppiness I witnessed today.

Is it just me? Or is anyone else feeling incredibly let down in the aftermath of these nerfs?

One thought on “Tier 12: Why Nerfs Missed the Mark

  1. I wanted to comment because I had this same sinking feeling about Baleroc. I struggle to feel as useful as paladins and disc priests in this fight, and I kinda liked the challenge to myself to try to improve. But post nerf you could just basically stuff around and you would still kill it. In fact you could almost wing it without knowing what to do and it would still die, which is how easy it felt. Alysrazor too was crazy easy, but I felt it most on Bale because that is the fight I fail to shine in – I can do it, but I'm not great at it, and I wanted to practice and improve. Now I don't even need to try, so it's all a bit poopie.

    I was disappointed in the nerfs because I felt like a failure, but after reading Vidalya's feelings on it, I accepted them and thought, oh well, might as well gear up for next Tier then!

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