Druid Class Feedback: My Two Cents

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Recently, Blizzard took a keen interest in class feedback on the forums. They stated that much of this feedback is intended not only for 4.3 but also for the long run. While I don’t anticipate I’ll become a tree again, come next patch, I think its fantastic they’re taking such an interest in what we as players think about our class this expansion. It’s also a great opportunity for me to take a good look at what I love/ dislike about healing as a druid in Cataclysm.

Melyanna, Wyrmrest Accord (Restoration)

What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]

If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
Mostly 10-man Raids (normal modes)

If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs]

What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters.
I would love to have the option of being a tree. It really defined our identity as a resto druid not just while healing, but also while immersed in the world as a whole. With all the other druid specs having a special form, I feel somewhat leftout while healing.

What makes playing your class more fun?
Being a mobile healer and spreading around HoTs of happiness really just makes my day. As a druid I love the versatility of shapeshifting to adapt to any situation. Also, given the wide variety of roles a druid can perform, I’m always learning something new about my class everyday.

What makes playing your class less fun?
I’m hard pressed to come up with something I don’t find fun about my druid but if I were to pick I’d say two things: 1) not being a Tree really did affect me this tier – I’ve become the Noggenfogger Elixir addict as a result of it; 2) certain raid fights such as Baleroc really show our weakness in direct healing and lack of mitigative cooldowns. I realise all classes have their strengths and weaknesses, but certain fights seemed to show them more strongly than I expected.

How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)
On the whole, I think druid healing is pretty darn awesome. We have a very interesting style with an added layer of complexity on how we line up our procs. The only thing that could use some changing is that we have to use to 3 GCDs to stack Lifebloom — this really sucks while 1) I’m raid healing and sometimes miss the refresh by a second 2) a fight which involves me having to change my Lifebloom target a lot. I’d love the option of either having a talent to let us put three stacks on right away, or perhaps having a “bloom” that lets us have Lifebloom bloom when we want it to – as a quick heal alternative.

What’s on your wish list for your class?
I’d love to see tree form return in some way or the other. A cooldown hardly counts as a form in my mind and as a druid, I miss being shapeshifted.

What spells do you use the least?

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