Healing Perspectives: Beth’tilac

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It is time to kill spiders! Our foe here is none other than Beth’tilac, the Red Widow. And when they said red, boy did they mean red. This is a fun, two phase fight which involves a bit of add management, climbing through her fiery web and a lot of spider squishing. This post, as usual, will focus on this fight for healers rather than a complete rundown of the mechanics. Let’s see what tricks this spider has up her sleeve!

This fight consists of two phases: The first phase is all about the add management and web-climbing while the second phase is the race against time to burn her. The raid is usually split into two teams – those who will stay on the ground and deal with her minions, and those who will climb the fiery web and punch Beth in the face. I’ve split up the analysis depending on which of those teams you’re assigned to.
Phase 1

Beth’tilac initially deals a bit of AoE damage to the raid which is unavoidable and must be healed through. She will continue to deal this damage until the web-climbing team make their way up top and engage her.

The Web Team:
  • Park yourself near a Cinderweb Spinner – As a web climber, your top priority is to climb up to the web following the tank. Note that the web ladders the Spinners drop despawn fairly quickly so little things like time spent running to them could mean you don’t make it in time. Stay by the Spinners and HoT up the tank and the other web climbers liberally while you wait to climb. This gives you a bit of breathing room for the tank to live while you climb up.
  • Once you’re up, plop some heavy heals on the team – Beth’tilac’s damage up top is far from trivial. Her constant Ember Flare does damage to everyone on the same level as her so keep folks topped off as much as possible.
  • Avoid the meteors – There are also nasty meteors to be avoided on the web – and they hit for a good chunk of damage. Furthermore, the real killer is that they make a hole in the web meaning that if you’re caught in one of these, you will most certainly fall to your death. Where a meteor will fall is indicated by a glowy red fiery circle, so be sure to avoid it. Unfortunately, it is red much like the landscape so recognising it could take an attempt or two.
  • Jump through the hole during Smoldering Devastation – When Beth’tilac begins to cast Smoldering Devastation, that’s your cue to get out of their as quickly as possible. The damage is unavoidable and jumping through the hole and to the ground is top priority. Staying up in the web spells certain doom. If you’re too far from the original hole, any of the meteor holes work as well. However, unlike the main web hole, holes from the meteors don’t offer the slow fall effect.
  • Use cat form to reduce fall damage – If you’re in a pinch and happen to take the meteor hole, be sure to use cat form to reduce fall damage taken. This works great as a way to quickly get down from the web and avoiding certain death.
  • Innervate early – Damage can be pretty heavy in this fight, do don’t hesitate to innervate early for mana. Doing this will also have innervate ready for Phase 2, the race to burn her down.
The Ground Team:
  • Pre-HoT the Web team tank liberally before he goes up – Even if you’re not on the web team, I always recommend rolling a 3-stack Lifebloom on the web tank right before he ascends. There’s usually a bit of lag between when he goes up and the healer climbs so leaving the lifebloom on him and letting it bloom gives the team some breathing room with a lesser chance of the tank dying.
  • Heal, heal, heal -This phase is mostly about keeping the raid up the best you can. Its full of adds and damage is not just limited to the tank.
  • Innervate early – In the early learning phases of the fight, healing can be pretty heavy so innervating early for the extra mana isn’t a bad idea with the extra perk of having it off cooldown in phase 2.
Phase 2

This is a heavy damage, race-against-time kinda phase so get ready for some tough healing on the tanks and the raid. This phase kicks in after Beth casts Smoldering Devastation  for the third time.

  • Stack up with the ranged, and keep a range of atleast 10 yards between yourself and the tank – There is constant AoE damage in this phase from Ember Flare. Tanks will be taking huge hits from her which are magnified by Frenzy. In addition to this, Beth will inflict tanks with Widow’s Kiss which causes the tank to inflict fire damage to member within 10 yards of them. Stacking up behind her is a good way to keep range from the tank and take full advantage of placement AoE spells.
  • Rotate cooldowns with healers – Ah the hallmark of burn phases. Space out your cooldowns and coordinate with your fellow healers to buy the raid as much time as possible. I usually use tree at the beginning and pop tranquility when the damage gets worse. Keeping efflorescence up as much as possible on the range is a fantastic way to keep the smart heals going.
  • Keep track of tank swaps – In addition to the fire damage mentioned earlier, Widow’s Kiss also reduces the healing on a tank which makes them unhealable at some point. This is when the offtank takes over — keep track of these swaps since tank damage during this phase is very very high and every bit of healing counts.

Beth’tilac is a very fun fight all in all, and she has a chance of dropping a couple yummy resto pieces such as Cowl of the Clicking Menace, Cindersilk Gloves and yes, oh yes, Smoldering Censure of Purity. Shannox’s post is still in the works – I’ve just been plain lazy about writing him up, but it shall be done! In the meantime, thanks for reading and happy healing!


One thought on “Healing Perspectives: Beth’tilac

  1. You're not kidding when you say the meteor hole can blend in with the web. My first time seeing this fight as healer on the web and I'm ashamed to say I totally stood in the lava/reddish circle until just before it hit. It was the only time I'm glad to say, but yea, totally missed it for the first viewing.

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