My Fiery Plans for this Tier

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So, a couple things happened in the past week or so and I found myself making a list of the stuff I’d love to do this tier…and well, perhaps some other stuff I’m not so thrilled about. *Cough* tier 12 *cough*. Ahem, anyways, here is my plan for the fiery summer of Firelands!The New Offspec:Last tier I tried something quite different and took on a feral tanking offspec. It was a great learning experience and I intended on keeping it until the fiery action of this tier came along. Now, I’m not going to be getting anything fiery as a healing druid as far as I know, so I really want my offspec to get in on the action. 

That’s my adorable little buddy there, and he and I will be braving the baddies of Firelands together! I will return to my roots, hehe, and pick up the boomkin spec again. The real selling point for me was the tier bonus which calls forth a burning treant to help burn down the baddies. Now thats just awesome…how could I pass it up? =P

Learn to DPS:

Sad but true, it’s one of those things I’m truly awful at… like cooking >.< It’s all very well for me look like a boomkin, but I’d also like to deal out a decent amount of damage while I’m at it! This spec has changed so much since I last used it that its felt like I’m playing a completely new toon despite this being my main!

Last night I ran a dungeon on my shaman and still did terrible despite knowing the rotation. Depressing >.<  I felt slightly bitter at the arcane mage next to me spamming his three spells and doing twice my damage, while here I was giving it my all and struggling to keep track of DoTs, cooldowns and procs. Le sigh. All this means for me is that I’ll be swimming in boomkin and damage dealing research and Tyler Caraway along with a bunch of other resources are my new senseis. I shall someday deal truly epic damage! =)

Sticking to the Dailies:

So, dailies are not really my thing. I’ve been having a blast in Hyjal and the quests are fantastic, progression is great and its all done really well – but they’re still dailies, and I already found myself skipping out on them in the last two days or so. I’d like to actually do them though and get my awesome mushroom chair among other things, but it certainly goes against the grain of the Mely =P

Thrown in together with the dailies is a bit of archaeology and ofcourse, the endless collection of mounts and pets. I’m currently hoping to get  Staff of Sorcerer – Thane Thaurissian for my boomkin offspec endeavour. (Thought I would’ve learnt my lesson with the Doll but apparently not). Plus, it always helps to mix it up a bit with the dailies and dungeons.

I mentioned Tier 12 earlier, and I suppose the word I’d use to describe is bittersweet. I love what it does, and hate how it looks while doing it. The lack of a robe makes it particularly awkward. Oh well, nothing that some Noggenfogger Elixir and Potion of Illusion can’t fix! =P

That wraps it up for my goals this patch! What fiery plans do you have this summer?


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