Patch 4.2: Resto Changes Analysis

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Another day, another patch. (Yeah, my coffee machine refused to cooperate today and made me a dismal cup. Hence, my continued zombie-state). While Ragnaros gets ready to torch the world, I will plot my long awaited revenge on Fandral and…. ahem, take a peek at whats in store for us resto druids!

Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic.
This is really the big change we’ve been waiting for. Harmony increases direct healing by 10% and its something that should be up the entire course of a fight. Note that you’ll see it as a buff on yourself as opposed to a passive mastery. I’m quite happy with this change since it makes Mastery much more attractive to us raid healers. No more always having to Wild Growth before Tranquility! A 10% increase is a great chunk to have for my clearcasting Healing Touch or Nature’s Bounty inspired Nourishes – yep Nature’s Bounty just got some love with this! =)
Keeping it up at all times seems to be rather an easy matter since casting a direct heal every 10 seconds doesn’t seem too earth shattering. It may take a little bit more awareness and a nifty power aura would go a long way in helping to track it, but otherwise, I don’t really foresee a huge change in healing style. Regrowth and Healing Touch should still largely be cast during the Omen of Clarity proc, while Swiftmend continues to be our staple as a quick heal and for Efflorescence.
Innervate now grants an ally target 5% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds, but still grants 20% of the druid’s maximum mana over 10 seconds when self-cast.
Well that’s that – Innervate is now pretty much a self-only cooldown since we lose quite a bit of mana otherwise.
Omen of Clarity clearcasting buff from now lasts 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
Not a huge change but nice nonetheless. Extending the clearcasting window would give me more time to use a heal for someone who needs it as opposed to the times where there’s about a second left on the proc and I really want to use it but everyone’s at full health. Take some damage people!
All healing critical strikes now heal for 2 times a normal heal (+100%), up from 1.5 times a normal heal (+50%).
Again, nice but doesn’t change much for us in terms of stat priorities. Reaching haste breakpoints for that extra tick still takes precedence after which, the new yummy musical mastery takes the spotlight.
Well that wraps it up for restoration changes this time around. I had a blast this last tier and despite how awful tier druid tier 12 looks, I’m looking forward to another round of fantastic raiding and adventures! I hope to be more timely about writing up my healing perspectives on bosses this time. Apart from that, looks like I’ll be stocking up on a lot of Potions of Illusion to combat the fate of my tier.  Good luck and happy healing! =)

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