Humour At It’s Best!


Lately, while exploring new and different areas, the Warchief’s Command Board sent me to Hillsbrad Foothills to meet with Darthalia. Long story short, I ended up on a skeletal horse and was dispensing quests just like your average quest giver. Needless to say, I met some truly interesting people. This is warcraft humour at its best. Here we go!

Dumass eh? Very well. Azurelode Mine looks like it could need a hand – head Southeast and lend a hand! **Points Southeast**
Umm. Yeah XD Go get ’em Dumass!
*giggle* Oh here comes another one!
Oh boy. Kingslayer Orkus arrives!
Puny?? PUNY??!! Ok fine you have a point. Now get me some skulls.
*waits until he leaves* That’s right minion – go do my bidding! *grumble* puny *grumble*
I see a shiny coming towards me….wait, no! Don’t abandon me Darthalia!
Hello to you too Johnny Awesome! Here is my quest for you….one….YES JUST ONE!
*bursts into endless giggles*
Sometimes, those raid bosses there are overrated. I can’t stop laughing here! To the quest designers – thank you for some fantastic humour! Love, Mely

3 thoughts on “Humour At It’s Best!

  1. lol, wow, I had no idea this existed! XD And here I thought the alliance pally quest in Un'goro couldn't be topped…

  2. That quest chain only gets better too! I had so much fun leveling an undead on an alt server, I've been considering starting another on my main server, simply because their questing is so much fun!


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