Healing Perspectives: Chimaeron

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It’s been a while since I wrote these up, I know….but I’m slowly catching up on them I promise! Chimaeron here is very much a healer’s dance and it makes for an immensely fun fight. The key to handing him his doom is to keep a close watch on the different phases of the fight, topped off with some classy resto dps at the end. That’s right, I said resto dps. It exists! Time to see what this slumbering dragon has up his sleeve….


– The fight begins by talking to Finkle Einhorn and getting the Bile-o-tron online. This nifty yet stinky robot makes it so the raid survives Chimaeron’s ridiculously hard hits.

– 10k health is your magic number here. Bile-o-tron applies a debuff to the raid (Finkle’s Mixture) and while that’s up, as long as a member has 10k hp or above, any attack will bring them down to 1hp. Therefore, as healers, 10k health is what we need to keep the raid – no more and certainly no less.

Double Attack: Consists of two quick attacks in succession and it hits hard. This ability is the reason that tanks are the exception to 10k rule. A tank at 10k would take the first attack and get to 1hp but the second attack would kill him. The ability itself is virtually impossible to predict and thus they need to be topped off to survive this.

Caustic Slime: Spewing nastiness that Chimaeron casts at 2 random raid members. The damage is usually split between those around them. Thanks to the Bile-o-tron, members are usually just brought down to 1hp.

Massacre: A nasty ability that reduces everyone in the raid to 1 hp. This damage cannot be avoided. At all. Scary to see really.

Feud: Time to bring out the healing arsenal. After a couple massacres, the Bile-o-tron goes offline for a bit and Chimaeron’s heads begin feuding with each other and spew caustic slime everywhere. It is imperative that the entire raid group up for to split the damage since we don’t have our trusty bile-o-tron to save us.

– At 20% health Chimaeron becomes untauntable and healing done goes to zero. In other words, he needs to be kited and burned out asap before he wipes the raid. This is done by watching his threat on raid members and keeping him running for as long as possible.

Healing Strategy: 

As a druid I’ve done both tank healing and raid healing for this fight on different occasions. Tank healing is a little easier for us and a bit more forgiving on mana but both roles are very very doable. I’ll try to integrate both perspectives into the healing strategy here.

Keep the raid at 10k health, and the tanks topped off.  

  • As a tank healer, your priority is to keep the tank taking the Double Attack hit topped off as much as possible. Chimaeron hits hard and be sure to keep up with the tank switches when they taunt off each other.  A single double attack with a tank not topped off is enough to one shot the tank.
  • On the raid, despite having limited healing for a good portion of the fight, Chimaeron can be very mana intensive for us druids. This is because we have very little or no time at all to get people up to 10k. Our options are Swiftmend and Regrowth (expensive!) as direct heals with the occasional Rejuvenation thrown in there. Victims of Caustic Slime require us to have quick reaction times to keep them from dying.

Use Wild Growth and Rejuvenation liberally for Massacre.

  • Wils Growth is your key card for this phase since you need to bring the entire raid up to 10k health and quickly. Couple this with liberal Rejuvenations for the instant heals from the periodic effect and if still needed, extra quick Nourishes from Nature’s Bounty.
  • Using a well placed Swiftmend for Efflorescence is also a good idea – despite the raid not being stacked up for this, Efflorescence simply catching two or three members is worth it.

Cycle cooldowns during Feud.

  • Always have Efflorescence up for when the raid stacks coupled with Wild Growth and then pop your cooldown.
  • For the first Feud, I choose the tree and the second time I use tranquility. The reason I have them this way is so Tree of Life has a chance to be off cooldown when the burn phase hits. Instant wraths are nice to have!

At 20%, dps Chimaeron with a finger on Shadowmeld and the other on kitty dash.

  • At 20% all healing done goes to zero so its time to bring out the hurt. Pop tree if you have it and wrath spam or simply do some moonfire/starfire goodness if you don’t have it up.
  • The objective of this fight is to keep him running around as much as possible. Keep an eye on Omen for threat and use Shadowmeld to drop aggro and keep him running.
  • The other kiting option once Shadowmeld is used is to kitty dash all around the circumference of the room in the hope that he will be burned before he reaches you. I haven’t yet had to do this but I still keep this tactic in mind as a plan B.

Maximise your mana cooldowns. 

  • Innervate early if you need to, so you have a second one ready later on. Entering the burn phase completely dry of mana is very inconvenient.
  • If you happen to have Tyrande’s Doll, be sure to maximise the mana returns from it. It’s something to do in all fights and not just this one but I’ve found myself paying special attention since Chimaeron can be particularly mana intensive, especially if I’m on raid healing.

That’s pretty much it for Chimaeron! It’s a very fun fight where the spotlight is certainly on the healers’ dance – have fun!


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