Epic Heal Goof Ups


The other day, I was reading Khizzara’s post on the analogy between music and healing and came across some of my own parallels between piano performance and healing. Interestingly, most of these parallels involved some sort of goof up or the other. Whoops messed up that trill there…whoops was slow on the Swiftmend there…you can see how it’s shaping up. Goof ups happen to the most seasoned healers, and the best part is that they’re usually hilarious…well maybe less so for the tank who died, but hilarious nonetheless. And hey, it’s Friday….so grab a drink and join me for my confessions of my best heal goof ups.

The Ill-Timed Tranquility

This happened just the other weekend when I was healing Valiona and Theralion. The raid was low and I decided to pop tranquility to get our health up. I couldn’t have chosen a worse time or a worse spot. I barely started channelling the spell when Valiona turned to me and breathed her fiery flames of purple death. I should’ve instantly given up on tranquility and tried to survive, but instead something hiccupped and I decided it would be a face off between tranquility and the breath. I died an unceremonious death there, and we wiped. Noone said anything but I know my raid lead, and fellow healers must’ve done a solid facepalm before having a good laugh. =P

Sticky Raid Frames

This has happened to me many times before, but most recently, it me bit in my druidic rear while battling Halfus. It was a challenging combination of dragons and we were prepared for the heavy healing required. As the fight progressed, a tank began to take a lot of damage. I began to bring out my heavy heals…..Healing Touch, Swiftmend,Healing Touch…and much to my dismay his health barely moved. I pretty much threw everything but the kitchen sink at him before it hit me…

Yep, you guessed it. I was healing myself even though I thought I had him targetted /facepalm. I realised I was overhealing my silly self a second too late. The tank died and we had to give Halfus another shot…this time without the noobery of overhealing myself!

Oh, Battle-Rez

When to rebirth someone is always a tough decision. I mostly save it for a tank/healer but the hard part is knowing if we’ll wipe or if we have a chance to make it through – thus making the rebirth worthwhile. Sometimes, I’ve miss the mark with those decisions – and this happened not just once but twice in a row now.

Perhaps its the innate optimist in me or something, but during our tough encounters I’ve battle-rezzed the tank only to watch the group the wipe a minute later. My tank buddy, thankfully, is a better judge of these situations and calmly takes the rebirth offered after the devastation ended while I’m kicking myself for not using it at a better time. I’m sure he still giggles about it too.

Kitty form backfiring 

The kitty dash is kind of a last resort thing I keep in my toolbox to get out of sticky situations, which granted, I shouldn’t be in in the first place. Once during the bickering dragons, I got caught in the Twilight realm. I instantly went cat and dashed to the portal and made it out fine. I was rather happy I survived and began to heal…except, no heals came out. Now maybe I just didn’t have my usual coffee that morning…but it took a few seconds for me to kick myself and get out of kitty form. Yeah, the coffee probably wasn’t strong enough. I blame the coffee.

Healing oopsies and goof ups don’t happen too often…or they shouldn’t atleast hehe. But when they do, they make for some great stories to laugh about and can really lighten the mood of a raid =) The numerous /facepalms and /headdesks really make it all in all, a fun experience…and hey I didn’t even talk about that one time where I just plain spaced out. I hope my tank isn’t reading this. Have a great weekend and happy healing! =)

2 thoughts on “Epic Heal Goof Ups

  1. Thanks for this, I got a nice big chuckle!

    I know I've had a ton of these, but not really any major ones I can think of. Definitely do inopportune Rebirths, and the tank accepts and gamely keeps trying. Sometimes it works, but usually it just results in a second repair bill and Rebirth stuck on CD – oops!

    I've made the mistake of overhealing a DPS when I've sworn I've had the tank targeted, but most recently I've noticed in time, switched, and used swiftmend to save the day. This HAS resulted in more deaths to myself than I'd like to admit, however, because I'll click off the tank and think I will have nothing targeted and therefore all-out heal myself. Well…it's amazing what your innocent middle of the screen (or even boss) click can target. I'm particularly prone to getting totems, those pesky things seem to have a love affair with my mouse!

    I've found this week that I've been blowing CDs at very wrong times, like tranquility right before a Blackout came out and I had to interrupt it to stack, and tree form when the boss is at 2% (twice in a row, might I add). Then I run around looking silly and say “oh I wanted to top everyone up quickly so we could move on…”

    I also caused a wipe last night because we were going for an achievement and the leader said we weren't going to be able to get it and to just die so we could reset. I obediently went and stood in the fire, but everyone else kept trying and probably would've gotten it…until they died because I was no longer there. I definitely /facepalmed there, and felt pretty sheepish

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