Healing Perspectives: Valiona and Theralion (10)

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Our two bickering dragons here are the second encounter in Bastion of Twilight. These dragons will both be engaged when the encounter begins and the entire fight is really quite the dance. Despite their bickering they seem to work rather well together when it comes to chomping on us. However, once everyone has the steps of this crazy dance down, its as easy as pie! As healers, here’s what we need to know for this fight…

This fight is largely split into two alternating phases: the first is when Valiona is on the ground and Theralion is in the air, and the other is when Valiona is in the air and Theralion is on the ground. Both dragons have different abilities depending if they’re on the ground or airborne. Keep in mind that they always alternate in this manner – so there will always be a dragon on the ground which the raid fights while the other wreaks havoc from above.


Valiona on the ground/ Theralionin the air:

  • Avoid Devouring Flame. This is very similar to the huge cone of flame she does in Grim Batol in the Drahga Shadowburner fight. This hits pretty hard and one or two ticks are the maximum one can take of this. Note that the further you are away from the origin of the flame, the harder it hits. The easiest way to avoid it is to get behind her.
  • Spread out for Twilight Blast. From the air, Theralion casts Twilight Blast on a random member that hits other players within range. Spread out to avoid unnecessary AoE damage.
  • Stack up for Blackout and spread out again right after. Theralion will also cast Blackout on a random member. This deals massive shadow damage and must be split between the entire raid to avoid deaths. Blackout is also dispellable but be sure to only dispel it after everyone has stacked up. Spread out immediately after it to avoid futher AoE damage from Twilight Blast.
  • Avoid Dazzling Destruction during phase change. Valiona casts Dazzling Destruction when she’s ready to switch places with Theralion. These look like pink swirly puddles of doom on the ground. Avoid them at all costs or feel the wrath of the Twilight realm.

Theralion on the ground/Valionain the air:

  • Stack up with the ranged group. This is important since the ranged group in this phase gets to do a little dance to deal with the dragons’ abilities. From the air, Valiona casts Twilight Meteorite at a random raid member, and here is your reason for stacking up. Much like Blackout, the damage from Twilight Meteorite must be split between members or it will one shot the targeted member. Therefore, sticking together as ranged is key here. Finding the assigned ranged member to follow can get a little chaotic sometimes, but don’t panic and try to get the group up as you make your way to them.
  • Avoid the purple circles and move as a group. Theralion makes dark purple circles of doom every so often which deal significant. Move out of these asap with your group. It helps to predetermine whether the group will be moving clockwise or anti-clockwise when these form to avoid getting split up.
  • Move out of the group ASAP if you have Engulfing Magic on you. Theralion casts Engulfing Magic on a random raid member every so often. This debuff increases damage and healing by 100% but also causes you to inflict shadow damage equal to your damage/healing onto raid members near you. This one particularly hurts since as druids we have HoTs ticking all the time and the damage they inflict can add up. If you get this debuff, run away from the group until it falls off.
  • Avoid Valiona’s Deep Breath during the phase change. Before the dragons switch spots again, Valiona will spew pink flames of doom from the air and cover about a third of the area with them. These spell death but are easily avoidable.

Healing Strategy:

  • Preemptively Rejuvenate three people while stacking during Blackout. I do this to help out with the incoming damage and also to have Nature’s Bounty up for the 30% Nourish cast time reduction. The idea is to be able to have it ready so I can quickly bring people up after Blackout hits.
  • Be sure to have Wild Growth off cooldown for when Blackout damage hits. This is mostly pretty obvious but I’ve found that if not paying close attention, I end up kicking myself for forgetting to save it for the Blackout dispel portion.
  • Pop Tree of Life when Dazzling Destruction hits. This part took me a couple attempts to figure out but I’ve found it really makes a different in making the encounter go smoother. The phase with Theralion on the ground is both movement and healing intensive. Popping the tree helps in getting everyone topped off; multiple lifeblooms ease the raid damage; and having the tree for one of the Twilight Meteorite portions gives you a head start healing-wise.
  • If you get caught in the Twilight Realm, throw a HoT on and kitty dash to the portal. Getting caught in the realm isn’t ideal but its not the end. If it happens, stay calm, and run to the portal while HoTting yourself up.
  • Stop healing and run out when you get Engulfing Magic. This is very important to stay on top off as delaying in running out will result in the ranged taking massive damage, or perhaps dying. If you get this debuff, interrupt your cast and run the heck out of the group. Remember to still stay out of the purple circles of doom and be sure to wait out the 20 seconds of the debuff before rejoining the ranged.
  • If tranquility is needed, use it, but be sure to time it so you don’t get hit with Engulfing Magic right after you cast it. Engulfing Magic is evil and it turns all our good heals into raid hurting shadow damage. Channeling Tranquility with Engulfing Magic debuff would therefore be a certain death sentence to the raid. A good way to make sure this delightful scene doesn’t happen to is to pop it right after you see Engulfing Magic cast on a member. Therefore you can be sure it’s not going to be you.

Well that’s my healing checklist for this fight. Remember that the most movement and healing intensive phase of this encounter is when Theralion is on the ground so its best to save cooldowns for this portion. Valiona on the ground is a less intense phase and if all the members are staying out of flames and stacking up/spreading out at the right times, this can be used as a breather to prepare for the more intense healing that’s required when they switch. Thanks for reading as always!


One thought on “Healing Perspectives: Valiona and Theralion (10)

  1. Theralion and Valiona are bickering =)

    Really helpful guide to strategies! The tips are a nice way to move to a general strategy rather than healing from moment-to-moment.

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